Event #258: Friday night, October 14, 2011

Bob wrote this email to me Saturday morning the 15th, about something that occurred Friday night:

I sat around a large fire outside the main long house. There were about 22 people total, not including me. Some of the men were off on an extended hunting trip. I sat next to Nuttah and her husband, there were several young children with what appeared to be women other than their mothers, judging by the age of the women. One, and this is the first I am aware of this, looked distinctly like your Mom. She looked away when I looked at her, I could be wrong. I tried to ask Nuttah, but was silenced and diverted from the thought. I will pursue this obviously, but this wasn’t the time apparently.

This didn’t appear to be a special ceremony, although it could have been, it seemed more like a simple community gathering around the fire. While sitting there, I saw tëme mom and puppies at the very edge of of the clearing. I looked at Nuttah to ask her if they could join us, she and her husband both said, “They won’t, you go”. I got up and went to the mom, the pups took off as if afraid of me, mom stayed and waited for them to calm down. They don’t seem to be comfortable with people, I guess that is good. I hugged mom tëme and petted her, she seemed ok, not jubilant as the past times I have seen her, but definitely happy to see me. Unlike our two, she misses Tëme/Duke. Nuttah came over and told me I would have to leave soon or I would have to stay, that got my attention. I asked to see the grave of Tëme/Duke, not now, soon was what I was told. He, if he can, will find you, if not, you will find him. As you find An’na, you will find him, as I found you. I said, “No, I can’t do what you can do, I am just along for the journey.” She smiled, that was all. It was much cooler there than it is here, also much clearer, cleaner air than we have. The men were still not wearing long leggings, I guess they are a bit hardier than us. She is not upset with our move to the front of the house at all, she understands it, I guess. Her husband seems so young, so does she though. I hugged mom tëme and the pups let me scratch under their chin; there are only 2 by the way. I don’t want to know where the other is. Nuttah held my hands, smiled at me, I”m back.

Now me narrating: This weekend, I plan on adding some characters to the paper-doll cut outs. First, 3 wolf pups, so we can get an idea what might be going on there. Second, a Lenape character that will have my Mother’s face. Also, and I’ve thought of this recently, and don’t know why I didn’t add them before, but the 2 elder gents probably need a character. And then Nuttah’s new husband, but I’ll need Bob’s help with what he looks like. And lastly, I’m thinking about moving the whole lot of everybody over to this side of the house with us. Or should I just wait to see what Nuttah does with them?


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