Event #260: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I wrote Bob this email the morning of October 19:

“I woke to the sense of someone sitting on the bed with me. A small person. Not anything concrete, and could have been part of a dream, but it was just a feeling. I also had the feeling of a connection, “daughter” perhaps. So maybe she was there when I got up?”

And Bob’s reply: That would be interesting if you were able to “sense” Nuttah being with us. Was there anything going on as far as moving stuff or rearranging of stuff?

The first objects appear where we've relocated to our front bedroom - Bob's stone with a relic of a ragweed sprig

And my reply: When I made the bed, I noticed your stone and a flower sprig on your clock-radio (looks like a dried up sprig of the ragweed that she wore on her wedding day). I can’t say when they appeared there – it could have been last night, it could have been this morning. Why did you ask, did you sense something too? Yes it would be something if I could sense her. First time I’ve gotten an impression like that, even counting all those times I used to hear that buzz/hum.

Bob’s reply: No, I slept like a sedate donkey, I just thought there might be some physical evidence. I know it wasn’t there when I went to bed. I set my alarm at night now, I would have noticed it. So much for wondering if she would find us.

And now me just narrating. The sense I had of someone on the bed was definitely nothing concrete, but sometimes, upon awakening, in that sort of “in-between” phase of consciousness, you are maybe aware on a different level. The sense was gone as soon as I became fully conscious, but I was left with as clear an impression as I can have that I had not been alone in the room. And then finding Bob’s stone on his radio — and he said it was not there when he went to bed. So she might have trotted it over this morning and placed it there while I was laying in bed in my dreams, and hung out until I woke up. What a thought. I often wonder how do the things move. I used that phrase, “trotted it over”, but I’m not at all sure how things are relocating, because I have never witnessed it, and Joe sure can’t tell me what he’s seen, although I know he has been witness to it. I’ve often thought that her powers enable her to just “think” something somewhere. She does not have to physically pick it up and put it somewhere, she can visualize it where she wants it and it just goes. I’m really curious about that. Think about the implications of being able to do that though. Sometimes I think we should have taken Dan up on his offer to put us in touch with someone that could provide video equipment, but Bob was really opposed to that idea because he was already getting a clear sense of the “who” that we had in our midst. There is still the fear that doing that could somehow jeopardize something.

One other thing that bears mentioning. Two or three times as I’m preparing for sleep, I’ve had this experience. I’m already in bed, Bob has been asleep for a few hours already, and I have the TV on, and I’m just zoning out… I’ll hear a sound towards the door, like it is about to open. I look over, and I don’t think it has moved, but I know I clearly hear something, like the door just became unlatched or something. And then nothing happens, and I just mentally note it, and go to sleep.


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