Event #261: Thursday, October 20, 2011

Since we lost Dukey, Bob has been finding that pictures of Duke cycle on the screensaver of his work computer on a fairly regular basis. This is a new event, in that before, these pictures rarely came up. One of them in particular, he doesn’t even know where on his computer it is, and has been at a loss as to how to find it. I had asked him at one point to email it to me, as it sounded like a picture I would like, but Bob didn’t know where it was stored. Then this morning, Bob sent me this email:

“I came into my office twice this morning to see that haunting picture of Dukey staring forlornly at me. I hope he is well somewhere. I wish I could find the picture on the computer.”

As soon as I read that, I remembered that the prior day, Bob had sent me the picture. I responded with this email:

“You did send me that picture of Dukey, how did you send it without finding it on your computer? I think it’s the one you’re talking about. He’s sitting by the fence on the deck, just him. I’m pretty sure he is well somewhere. I don’t know why, I just have that feeling, esp. that he feels better.”

Then Bob sent back to me: What picture I sent you!!? It sounds like the picture I am talking about, but I didn’t send it to you?? Unless you mean a long time ago and I don’t remember, which could be this morning! What one is it, could you send it to me please?

And then me to Bob: You sent it to me yesterday. The time on the email is 1:56 pm. I meant to mention last night that I got it, and to thank you for sending it, but I forgot, imagine that. I know I asked you to, but if you didn’t send it, I got it somehow! I’ll forward it back to you in a separate email, you can let me know if it’s the one you’ve been talking about. Also, check to see if it shows up “sent” in your email — it was only yesterday.

Bob to me: I didn’t send it to you. Did I write anything? I don’t know where the picture is on my computer. I’ll check sent mail but we didn’t have internet most of the day yesterday, which is becoming more the norm then not. I think I would remember sending it, I certainly would remember finding it.

The picture I got "somehow" from Bob that he didn't send

Me: Here’s the picture I got. You can see the send information below. There was no message, and no subject, just the picture. I meant to say thanks last night to you for sending it, I think it’s the one you told me about that I asked for a copy of, you told me you didn’t know where it was on your computer.

Bob to me: I got it, that is it, I didn’t send it.

And lastly, from me: That is really interesting. A pretty amazing “event” considering the technology involved. I’m impressed. Search the file name I sent you and you’ll see where picture is.

Bob still can’t find this picture anywhere on his computer. It is the picture I asked for, and it is the picture that he says keeps cycling on the screensaver, but Bob did not send it, and when I asked him to look in his “sent” mail, he said the email I got was not in there either. Another one of those random, unexplainable events like the songs that come on the radio without explanation. How can this be happening? But as soon as I propose that question, I realize the bigger question, how can any of this be happneing?


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