Events #262-263: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bob is now in the scene, along with the Bark-hut. Compare to Event #259

Sometime on Saturday, the 22nd, there was another change on the dresser. This time, Bob’s character was brought out of the drawer and placed next to Duke/Tëme. His outstretched hand is touching the back of Duke. Nuttah turns herself to look at all of us. The last thing that was added in the rear was the bark-hut, which can’t really be seen, just the lower right edge of it behind “Bob”. Now tonight, I just came home, and my first stop is usually to head over there to check on Joe because he will need to be fed. And of course I always check around the room for any changes, the bureau first. Tonight, the change was immediately obvious. Nuttah’s character is missing. I could not find her anywhere in the room, including the drawer, so my first check was our “new” bedside tables in the bedroom in the front of the house. She’s not there. Not in the bathroom either. The office was my last stop, and she is not in here either. Where is Nuttah? I probably won’t know until tomorrow morning, or until we just stumble upon her wherever she may have placed herself.


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