Update: November 2, 2011

After a freak October 29 snowstorm that laid heavy snow on still-leafy tree branches, we (and most of our town/neighbors) have been without power due to the severe storm damage. I am sneaking on my account at work to give an update. We are projected to have power by possibly Sunday, Nov. 6 – woo hoo. No sign of Nuttah, at least her physical character – I continue to check every day, but she has not reappeared, and there were no changes on the dresser in the old bedroom. Today I moved all the remaining characters to the front bedroom, just to see if that would spark any activity. Something that has returned is the “buzz/hum”. I haven’t heard that in awhile, and I was surprised by it when it popped back in. The other night, returning from work in complete darkness, I opened the car door, and at first thought that Bob had gotten us a generator, and maybe it was set up around the other side of the house. But upon listening more closely as I exited the car, I realized it was the return of the hum in my ear. I’m still not really sure what that means, but I continue to hope that it means her presence. I only hear the hum at certain times of the year, and I believe I first began to be aware of it about this time last year. The power outage, going into day 5 now, has been interesting. I’m not as perturbed by it as I might have thought – the darkness is a little unnerving, but it’s caused me to think a lot about how our Lenape residents dealt (deal) with life on a daily basis. And of course we have the wood stove for heat, so we are not freezing, just have no lights, running water (except for the creek of course) and no refrigeration. We’re both making it to work as usual, and just dealing with it as best we can. A hot shower is the biggest thing that I miss. The area is like a war-zone. The amount of trees and branches and debris that came down was impressive. There is a massive amount of work to do in the area, and it’s going to be days before they can get it done. Well, I’ve snuck enough time, hope to give another update soon. Signing off ’til power restored…


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