Event #264: Friday, November 4, 2011

I awoke Friday to a rhythmic knocking sound that seemed to come from outside the only window in the bedroom. We’re still “getting used” to this bedroom, as for 10+ years in this house, we’ve been in the back, and now we’ve moved to the front. When the knocking sound persisted, I sat up, and as soon as I did, it now sounded more like it came from behind me, which would be the crawl space of the 2nd floor, right behind the bedroom. But then it stopped. I listened for a few seconds, and now didn’t hear it anymore. I glanced around the room; power is still out and nothing at all in the house is on, and there, on the table with all the characters, I saw the change. There she was. Nuttah’s character has returned. Was this what the knocking was about? Was she trying to wake me up to see her? Hear her? Who knows. All I can say is that there she sits, right in the front of the whole group, looking at me and into the room. A little unnerving at first, with the knocking, but I was excited to see her back. Also relieved.

The whole array of characters on the table - Nuttah has returned herself to the very front

I got up out of bed to go over and examine the set-up on the table to see if anything else had changed, but the addition of Nuttah’s character was the only change. I immediately texted Bob with the news. (We are texting because we can’t email with the lack of power — only day 7 with no power by the way).

This is what I texted: “Nuttah’s angel is back with all the others. She sits front and center.”

Almost immediately, I got this text back from Bob:

“Nuttah has paid us a visit. I don’t know if there is any physical evidence, but I know she was here. I was worried. Nothing major, she was just in the room. Her presence woke me about 2-something.”

What I wondered at this point, was if Bob was responding to my text about her appearance. It didn’t seem so, because he didn’t say anything about it. And shortly after, I got another text from Bob:

“I got your text after I sent mine. So, there is evidence! Good news.”

And then me to Bob:
“I was wondering that. Thought maybe U staged it 2 send when U heard from me.” (Which in fact was what he had done — so as not to send too early and wake me up.)

So that was about it for the morning. Besides Nuttah showing up, only one other ‘event’ happened Friday. I needed a shower as we can’t run water in the house with no power. We still don’t know for sure when we are going to have it back, so I had a standing offer to go to Kate’s place to shower. I took advantage of that and got there around 2 in the afternoon. In the bathroom at her place, you can’t imagine my surprise when I discovered I was hearing the hum/buzz there too! When I mentioned this to Bob, he suspected that Nuttah had followed me.


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