Event #265: Saturday, November 5, 2011

The red arrow points to the heart-pendant that is now missing

When we came home the evening of Friday November 4th, the power was finally back on. One week to the day without power. We entered the house realizing how much had been on the day it went out in the middle of that freak October 29th snowstorm: lots of lights were ablaze. But it was cause for celebration, it was a pretty tough week to get through.

My heart-pendant necklace reappears in the office

Around the time that Nuttah’s character went missing though (October 25) something else in the bedroom did too. It was a favorite pendant of mine: the one that Bob got me for Valentine’s Day this year.

I couldn’t pin point exactly when it went missing, but I knew it was gone, and was not sure if I’d lost it while wearing it, but I thought that highly unlikely. I’ve placed a picture of it to the left, with the red arrow pointing at it. Notice that it is, of course, a heart. Only recently, Nuttah had begun to use it in her arrangements. Then Saturday, I came into the office, and there on the pile of papers to one side of my keyboard, was the pendant, on the necklace string I’d last worn it with, which I’ve pictured to the right.

Then later Saturday, I took Wobbles for a long jog on the towpath; roughly 5 miles. About halfway into it, I saw something up ahead of us on the path – something white. At first I thought it was a goose. It was alive, that was clear, it was white, that was also clear, and as I got closer, I could see that it was a large white bird. White Bird! (here’s an opportunity to hear the song again). We got right up to it, and I stopped to look. It was a swan. A very large, white swan. Wobbles wanted nothing to do with it. This was almost comical, I literally had to drag him past the bird, who was not interested in yielding the path to us. As we approached, it stood up, spread its wings and poofed out its feathers so that it was now almost twice its normal size. It was also hissing at us very loudly. I’m familiar with geese; they will sometimes attack. But swans? Well, I’ve never encountered one like this before. What to do. I dragged my so over-protective Wobbles past the bird with me. And when we returned? No sign of it. Only a cat on the canal-bank near where the big bird had been, and an area of white bird-defecation where it looked like it might have spent the night. I’m mentioning this because of the oddity of a white swan in this unusual place, and of course for the fact that it was a white bird sighting. Oh — and it was tagged. A green plastic band on its leg with a C6 on it.


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