Event #268: Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well this was just plain exciting. First, a tiny bit of background. As we know, we’ve moved to a different bedroom in the house. Friday, I moved my jewelry panel, from which I hang earrings and necklaces. I think that we’ve looked at this before, but a long-long time ago, back when things were just starting to happen in the old bedroom. On the way from the back of the house to the front, carrying the panel, I lost two of the earrings. I’m surprised it was only two. One particular pair, I didn’t care that much about, but the other pair was one that I liked a lot.

How the living room looked after Hurricane Irene: muddy footprints on the still-wet floor

I had set the two remaining mis-matched earrings on the kitchen counter, so that when Bob got home from work I could explain why they were there. Bob does the vacuuming in the house, and I wanted him to be on the lookout for these two missing earrings. I also explained which one I liked vs. the other one, which I didn’t really care if it showed up again. And that was that. Or so I thought. We had a lot to do Saturday, we were cleaning stuff and moving all around the house doing this and that. Actually started working on cleaning up the flood-room finally. To the left is a picture of what our flooded living room looked like back in August when it happened. It’s so hard to find the time to do everything. And then at one point, I was carrying something upstairs, and I checked the character-display on the table as I frequently do. Seeing what was there, I yelled excitedly for Bob to come see, as I ran downstairs to check the kitchen counter. Why I wanted to check was because one of the earrings I was missing was now part of the table-display. I had to run downstairs to see if it’s match was still on the counter. And it was — I now had a pair — the missing earring was on the table, and below I’ve included a picture of how things were arranged. Since it’s so tiny in the set-up, I’ve added a bright yellow arrow to point at the earring. And then next to that is a close-up of just the earring with the heart, as they appeared in a line. Nuttah has situated herself to look towards Bob and I, the earring [she found] directly in front of her, the silver heart-charm in front of that, and then a little ways away, Bob and I are combined now on the same doll stand. I was really happy to get the earring back, but even more so that Nuttah had heard me somehow, and understood my intent, and helped in getting it back to me. Missing things keep turning up again… first it was Nuttah that was gone, then my necklace, and then the found earring. Bob warns me not to push my luck.

A close-up of the found earring that I'd lost. I now have the pair back.

My missing earring has the yellow arrow pointing at it on the table-display of characters


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