Event #269: Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remember last week, the full moon week, Bob said that twice he heard music when he laid down in bed. The first time, he said it was just the drums, rhythmic, beating, drums, the second time he heard it, a wind instrument was in the mix too, like a Native American flute. So then Sunday night, up in the bathroom and bedroom, I was hearing the buzz that I’ve become familiar with, only this time, it had a little twist to it. I wrote the email below to Bob in the morning:

Had a loud buzz in my ear in bed and in the bathroom. Pretty sure she was around a lot.

And then Bob wrote back to me: Listen for the sound of drums or flute when you get the buzz.

Mine to Bob: When I hear that buzz, I also sometimes hear a rhythmic sound behind it, especially last night, that sound was really strong. But I think I’ve had that before too, about last year at this time. I wouldn’t call it a drum sound, and I don’t hear flutes, but it is in a rhythm nevertheless, it has a cadence to it, a beat. Why, is that what you are hearing too? It was really strong in my ears last night — I was trying to hear drums, and I do get a rhythm, it’s just not a drum sound.

Bob’s response: I got a pretty clear drum sound sound similar to what I have heard at her place.

Now me just narrating: Sunday night, the buzz/hum sound was definitely different than usual for me. Rather than just a hum/vibration in my ear, it seemed to have a purpose — a meaning. And definitely a beat or cadence to it, like music could have but through a filter. Maybe if you were deaf, and all you could perceive was the vibration, not the actual sound itself, that’s the best way I can describe it. Maybe something was going on at their place, a ceremony? Who knows. I just know I heard something, and it was strong upstairs in the bathroom and bedroom. Is there something about the cooler weather that allows this sound/vibration to come through? I looked up the last time I mentioned it, similar to the way I heard it Sunday. The date was December 22 of last year. Here is a link to that post.


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