Events 270-271: November 14-18th, 2011

The new arrangement from Monday 11/14

My email to Bob the morning of November 15:
There was more going on on the table besides Nuttah’s character being moved – the 4 of us characters are all bunched together, the corn points at Mom, a turtle is in front of us, and a heart points back at Duke/Teme and one points from them to us. Like we all love Duke/Teme, and they love us. I’ll try to get a picture of everything and send it to you. The blog now has 2045 ‘hits’, Saturday morning we hit 2000.

And to the left, I’ve inserted the picture of the 4 of ‘us’, the small ear of corn that was a gift to Nuttah, the pewter turtle and a small silver heart-locket pointing at the group. Next, I have a picture of what was going on behind this little scene with all of the pups. Note the flowery heart that points toward the human group, and then the stone heart that points toward the pup-group. Nuttah’s way of saying, I believe; “we love the pups, the pups love us.”

Behind the scene above, were all the pups; Mama wolf, the Duke/Teme wolf, 3 little wolf-pups, and Stupe & Wobbles off to the right

Then the night of  November 16th, I was sitting at the computer doing something, and I kept hearing some musical noise above the noise in my office. We had the satellite radio on in the other part of the house, and I had the TV on. I turned down the TV to hear better. No music. I went out to the living room to hear the radio. It was just talking. When I came back in and turned the TV up again, I started to hear the flute music again. It was very dim and distant, and not what might have been playing on the satellite station we always have on, which is a blues channel. Part of an email that I wrote to Bob that night:

“As I sit here, I feel like I keep hearing flutes. I went out to see what was on the XM, it didn’t seem like it was coming from there.”
And he wrote back to me the next morning: “Funny you mention the flutes. I was hearing them again and the drums as I went to sleep.”
Me back to Bob: “Interesting that you were hearing the flutes too, I think that’s what I heard, but I had a lot of noise going, I turned the TV down at one point, then couldn’t hear it. Went out to see what was on XM, it was all pretty inconclusive.”

But upon reflection, days later, I’m thinking that’s what it was. When I get upstairs to our bedroom, I hear that ‘buzz’ louder than ever. It’s the rhythm buzz, not just a vibration. It occurred to me that there is something I could compare this sound to, because one time I mistook it for this. This only makes sense if you live in a pretty quiet area, on a quiet street. Sometimes we have heavy trucks come down the street. You can hear them from pretty far away, especially at night when all is quiet. What you hear is the vibration of the engine, from far away and it gets closer and closer. Well, the vibration/hum/buzz that I hear, sounds like this distant engine approaching, but then it never gets closer, it just stays in the distance. It’s kind of a far-away noise, but at the same time right in my ear. My left ear, by the way, it never happens in my right ear, and I don’t know what that’s about.

My email to Bob the morning of Friday, Nov.18: There was a loud buzz in my ear everywhere I went too. Lying in bed, in the bathroom; as loud as the other night. It’s always the left ear. You got up at one point, did you notice/hear anything then?

Bob back to me: I woke several times, only once was I aware of anything, but I don’t know what time that was. I think around 1:30 AM.


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