Event #272: Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today we had a contractor visit us to survey the damage and possibly do a quote on getting some work done (finally). Would be good if we could get some flood insurance money, but that hasn’t happened yet. Bob disappeared into the flooded area with him, and I was busy up front. I did not go back there, and I didn’t even speak to the contractor. I was not doing anything noisy, however, and after the man left, Bob came over and we were sitting having some breakfast in the stove room. Bob asked me what I was doing while the contractor was here. I told him, which included waiting on hold for 15 minutes with a credit card company, replacing the comforter in our bedroom, folding my laundry… stuff like that.

“Is that it?”, he wondered.

I thought he was quizzing me about my productive use of time, and I tried to think of something else I might have been doing… then I wondered,”Why do you ask?”.

I couldn’t think of anything else. And Bob offered, “Well, because when I was over there with ‘Tom’, at one point, I heard this knocking, kind of a rhythmic, steady, rap-rap-rap”, and Bob knocked steadily and rhythmically on the coffee table in front of us.

“Huh.”, I said. “Well, I don’t think that was me.  In fact I know it wasn’t me. If you had to pinpoint where it was coming from, where would that be?”

Bob thought for a second, and then said, “In our old bedroom”.

This would have been directly above where Bob stood with the contractor. Who, by the way, also heard it, as Bob reported… “Do you have to get that?” the man asked.

“No. Lois will deal with it.” Bob responded.

But I didn’t hear any knocking at all. If it was in the bedroom where Bob described, there would be no way I could hear that all the way over here. I reminded Bob that I thought this was Nuttah’s way of getting our attention. Well, one of the ways. I reminded him of that time, recently in fact, when I’d been awakened one morning in the new bedroom by a rhythmic knocking. Bob said it was just like that, not the ‘rap-rap-rap-rap’ of a typical knock on the door, but a steady, one second each, knock. So I said we should go over and check the upstairs bedroom and see if there is anything new or different there. Which we did, and there was not. But then when I went upstairs to the table display in the front bedroom, there were some pretty obvious changes. The corn, and the hearts are relocated, the characters are slightly different, but most important, Duke/Tëme have been moved up to be directly behind Bob. The thing that strikes me as most weird about these changes, is that I was IN the room where this is, most of the time that I was working on stuff. And I did keep glancing over at the table, and each time, it was just like it was on Monday. So when did this happen? It could easily have been while Bob and I were sitting downstairs talking about the knocking. She does seem to enjoy the corn-cob, keeps using that in arrangements, but one thing that seems to have been cast aside, is the little paper-doll girl that I used as a ‘stand-in’ for her. She moved that out of the arrangement.

The new arrangement after we heard that knocking sound.


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