Event #273: November 21-22, 2011

I looked at the first time this season that I mentioned the return of the hum/buzz in my ear. It was November 2nd, which would have been right around the time we put in the first fire in the stove. Bob drew this connection for me; we know by now that is my weak point — forming connections and “getting” the obvious. Nuttah would probably have to rap me on the head before I realized she was here. So there is a connection with the fire in the stove that somehow enables, for lack of a better word, their world to ‘see’ ours. About a year ago, I posted an entry about how “The ancestors see you through the fire.” The exact wording was: “Keep the fire going… it’s how the ancestors see you.” And now that the fire is going again – November, after all… does the hum/buzz I hear mean that the ancestors have returned? They are “seeing” us again? It is sometimes really strong — stronger than I remember from last year, that’s why I keep mentioning it. And Bob has a new thing that’s happening to him this season – the drums. Music, really, not just drums, but winds – flutes and drums. Here are 2 days of email excerpts that went back and forth between us about the new sounds that we’re hearing:

November 21, morning, from Bob:  Had company this morning when I came downstairs. Nothing else, just in the stove room.

Me to Bob: Interesting that you had company. I was hearing the buzz/hum pretty loud when I went to bed. Maybe she stuck around for a few hours. Maybe she is still here?

November 22, morning, from Bob: Very clear and strong multiple presence this morning, not in our room, but in primary [2nd] bedroom and downstairs. I think the fire is part of it. And I woke during the night to the sound of drum beats.

Me to Bob: I did hear the multiple-toned hum last night, and it always seems stronger in the bathroom. I think that sound might have reappeared when we started the stove again, guess that is the connection, I just thought it was the time of year. What was the multiple presence? Or I should say “who”?

Bob and I then spoke this evening on the phone, and we both talked about the new noises we have been hearing. It does really seem to be related to the fact that now almost every night, we have the wood stove burning. I would like to try to begin to explore this vibratory-wave and see if perhaps it leads somewhere. I am extremely cognizant of the fact that we are approaching the end of Year 2 of events, and I remain completely clueless about what is happening, and more specifically, HOW it is happening. And I have yet to visit her world, and Bob has been there multiple times. I think she thinks that I am a fragile creature that would not be able to handle it. She could be right, because for goodness sake, who can say with certainty that they can handle a trip through the time-tunnel. Crap, I’m hearing bizarre noises, and now the dogs have started barking like crazy. Guess I better check it out.

I think it is just really windy outside. Weird sounds going on, but we still have tree branches laying on the roof from that October storm, so things might sound different. I calmed the pups down with a couple biscuits. Doesn’t take much.

And now just two more things: I have a friend at work who is a regular reader of all the blog posts, from the very beginning. She showed me today a picture she took with her phone of something that appeared at her house. I took a long look at it. It was an odd, old pair of sneakers that had been ‘arranged’ on a walkway next to her house. They face away from the house, about 2 ft. or so apart. I suggested that first she rule out an attempt to mess with the window on that side, and I think she already had, and 2nd, not to rule out that it might just be a relocation of objects, such as she has read about in the blog: “Just stuff moving around”, as it were. And the last thing? Today, our blog received it’s very first (non-spam) comment!

I hope that everybody has a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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