Events #274-276: Nov. 25 – 28, 2011

Stewie's character reappears on the couch where he slept

There were about 3 separate events that I photographed during the period surrounding Thanksgiving.
Event #274: First, our son, Stewie had arrived home and he spent the night before Thanksgiving on the pull-out couch in the office. We spent Thanksgiving Day elsewhere, and when we arrived home, I entered the office and found his character on the arm of the couch that he’d slept on. See the picture to the left. Neither Bob nor I were able to say where his character has even been all this time. I suspect it was in the out-building, the last place Stewie stayed before he moved out this summer.

2 new sprigs of yellow flowers are behind Bob's 'arm'

Event #275: Bob pointed this out to me, since I initially missed the new addition to the table-arrangement of figures. I think the table is just getting really cluttered, and it’s easy to miss a subtle, slight change. The arrangement of figures/corn/pups was basically the same, but while I had brought one yellow flower-sprig to the table from my walks, there were now 2 additional ones of the exact same flower. I guess this was Nuttah’s way of saying that the flower is flourishing in late November in her world as well as ours. I don’t have an i.d. on this flower. Also, I separated the sprigs out for a close-up of them below here:

A close-up of the flowers that appeared in the arrangement

Event #276: And one last thing, which requires just a bit of background info to understand. Bob’s sister, Rue had brought us a book to read, something she’d gotten by chance from a charity give-away. The book is called “Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication”, by Penelope Smith. Rue thought that we might find this book interesting given everything going on. Bob had already started to read it, and I came in one night (Monday night, 11/28) and saw the book sitting on the coffee table in our “stove-room”. But the book was not sitting there by itself. There was a turtle shell on the cover. It sat on the ‘face’ picture on the cover, front and center, as if it was the creature’s nose. This is a turtle shell that we had out on the front porch — it’s a real shell of a real turtle, and it has been on the porch outside for at least a couple of seasons.

The real turtle shell sits atop the cover of the "Animal Talk" book

I wrote Bob this email the next morning about it:
“Did you bring in the turtle shell from outside and place it on top of the animal book you’re reading?” (I really kind of knew the answer to this before I heard from him.) Bob’s reply: “On the turtle shell, I meant to ask you that last night, I thought you put it there, as a poke at me. I know I saw it around outside recently, don’t remember where, but I think it was out front.”

And sure enough, it was, but now it was sitting on the cover of the book. I asked Bob if it made sense in the context of the book, and he thought absolutely, it did. Here is a better angle of the shell sitting on the book:


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