Event #277: Friday, December 2, 2011

I see the ears of corn on the table in the "triangle" shape

Bob got home unusually early from work Friday, and since we had a pretty big night ahead of us, I encouraged him to take a nap. But first he was working on the wood stove, and described to me an event that happened to him while he built a fire. This is the first “communication” he has had in awhile. He said it came through to him in “symbols”, in picture form, not language. And it was not just Nuttah in the room, there were others involved. Bob asked me not to convey everything that was communicated that day, but one particular symbol that came through, he tried to describe to me. He held up two fingers in a “V” shape, and then with the index finger of his other hand, he put it across the “top” of the “V”, so, we are basically looking at a triangle shape. He said that this is not the first time this symbol has been portrayed to him, and that it is an important symbol. At this point, since we were up in the bedroom, I wondered if there was “physical” evidence of the visit today while Bob worked at the stove, and I glanced down at the table with the characters as Bob spoke. I was listening to him and looking at how he held up his hands, then asked, “Oh, so you mean sort of like how the ears of corn are arranged here?”

Bob glanced over. “I can’t really see it”, he said.

“The corn, it’s exactly like the symbol you just described”, I exclaimed at the same time realizing that this was now a new change on the table.
Bob leaned over to see, and finally declared, “Yeah, just like that. And now, I have to take a nap.”

I flipped the corn picture over, and voila - inverted the triangle

I ran down for the camera and snapped a picture first, lest there be another change before I did. Notice also that the pewter turtle is part of the arrangement.

Then later, it occurred to me that it had been awhile since I’d researched anything remotely close to “Lenape Symbols”. So I plugged that in as a search term, just to see if I’d get any clues, and imagine my surprise when the first thing that came up was the seal of the Lenape (Delaware Nation) Flag. There are numerous things going on here in the seal, one of which happens to be the triangle symbol! I found the following description of the different elements of the seal: (link to the website)

The Lenni Lenape  flag is white and bears the tribal seal in the center. Centered on the seal is a traditional Delaware mask. The mask on the Lenni Lenape flag is divided vertically into black and red halves. The mask, represents Mesingw, the “Masked Spirit” of traditional Lenape legend. Mesingw is the guardian of the creatures of the forest.

Lenape Flag Logo from the website: http://www.delawaretribe.org

These creatures were of vital importance to all eastern tribes, they were the main source of food, much as the buffalo served the nations of the Plains. Each of the creatures was imbued with certain traits or attributes and the various clans of Woodland Indians. The Lenni Lenape tribes associated themselves with a particular animal as a clan totem or symbol. In front of the mask of Mesingw appears a peace pipe and fire starter. The peace pipe is a widely used symbol on many Indian tribal flags since it was the ultimate greeting and bonding mechanism of tribal life in most northern cultures. Surrounding these central devices, one each at a prime direction of the compass are symbols relevant to the Lenni Lenape people. To the north is a Christian cross, representing the history of the Christian faith within the people. To the east is a turkey claw, symbol of the Unalactigo; one of the three main divisions of the Delaware nation. To the south is a turtle for the Unami division and to the west lies a wolf paw print for the Wolf clan. Separating these emblems are a series of bars or sticks bearing various designs. These sticks represent the prayer sticks from the Big House Church:

The shape the corn was left in clearly echoes both the symbol on the seal, and the “communicated” symbol by Nuttah. It’s a fire starter. And it makes sense that this was communicated while Bob worked at the wood stove, starting the fire.


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