Event #280: Monday night, December 12, 2011

Tonight, Bob & I spoke on the phone while I was at work. He said that while he was reloading the wood stove for the evening, there was a lot of “activity” in the room. “Multiple presences”, was how he described it. But this time no communication. There has been, at times, some information conveyed while Bob works at the stove. The fire does seem to be a direct conduit to their world. I don’t see it, but it works with Bob. There are enough times when I have put logs in that it could have happened, but doesn’t. Then again, only once or twice have I actually built the fire from scratch, and that seems to be when the communication happens. Such as in my last post, the conveyance of a message to Bob about a fire-starter. We should figure out how to make one.

There was something though, about what Bob said, or the way that he said it, that made me think we’d be in for a change. It’s been awhile, and I didn’t really know why. Even the buzz in my ear had died down. It was really strong there for a number of days, especially after I first brought it up that it was happening again, and then maybe for the last week or so, it was just gone. And no changes with the characters. So all the way home I thought about it. I had asked Bob to check the table for me while we were still talking on the phone, but there’s too much going on there for him to discern any changes. So up to the bedroom I went when I first got home. I stared at the table with the light from the TV. There was something different. More than one thing… a couple things missing… no Nuttah… and no ME! And a heart missing too. Where were we? I had a sneaking suspicion that we might be in the office. But what I found there surprised me even more. Here’s the picture of what I walked in to, all laid out on my keyboard:

On my keyboard tonight - 4 sprigs of clover and a heart

Behind the keyboard are my character and Nuttah, staring at me right now as I type here. The fresh, live clover is most surprising. I’ve had my eye out every day when I walk for anything that might still be alive, and there is nothing. We’ve had 2 nights in the 20’s, and even the diehard plants are done. Where did she come up with these? Well, obviously, in their time, it’s not that cold yet. I’m reminded all of a sudden, that this happened last year too. Right around this time. It was December, and she came up with a plant that was dead here, but still alive “there”. I just looked it up. This happened last year on Dec. 1, and it was an Evening Primrose plant. The clover on the keyboard was amazingly fresh. Not just in the fact that it was fresh and alive, like it’s the beginning of spring, but it looked like it had more or less just arrived. I think that this might have been the “action” that was going on when Bob was starting the fire. She was here then, and she was bringing the flowers in. I have them now in water, and they look like they were just picked. Thank you, Nuttah! xèli wanìshi. I’m happy to see flowers after so much time.

I noticed something else tonight. The “buzz” has returned. Only tonight, it sounded less like a “buzz” and more like a rhythm. As in drums. The beat was more defined, like I really was hearing drums. Not one drum, several, or many. The sound is really hard to describe. It was eery, especially considering the implications of what I heard. Gave me chills.


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