Event #281: Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bob described to me an adventure that he took during the night between Friday night to Saturday morning. After he finished, I suddenly realized that for the first time in awhile, I’d forgotten to check the table of characters after I woke up. I ran upstairs to look, and it was, in fact, quite different. Lots of movement. Here, I will insert the picture I took and then below that, go over the most obvious changes. I don’t get their meaning, but there most likely is one:

The objects on the table the morning after Bob's "excursion"

The bark hut was moved to the back right. The Duke/Tëme pair were placed behind the hut, and my Mother’s character behind it with them. I’m a little concerned about that placement, behind the hut, and we do know that Duke/Tëme are no longer with us. There does appear to be some movement with the 3 wolf-puppies there on the left. Bob is still where he was, his special stone in front of him, and the corn/pewter turtle have not moved.

A closeup of the December clover

Until there were no more flowers outside,I was bringing in a sprig of whatever still grew, and that is the dried arrangement that can be seen to the left of the bark hut. Speaking of which, I had placed the clover Nuttah left me on my keyboard in some water. I took a close-up of one of the giant floral heads of it. Since then, 2 little buds of clover that were apparently in the mix, are also starting to blossom. It is so odd to have live clover sitting here on my desk a few days before Christmas. To describe Bob’s adventure, I need his permission, so maybe in the next post.


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