Event #282? – Thursday, December 22, 2011

The "impression" I had of a Lenape canoe

This morning, I was doing my usual jog along the towpath with my little “wobbler”. I had a little extra time, so decided to do some extra walking for a few minutes beyond where I usually stop. The view of the river there is wide open, and the path hugs right along the side of it. I’ve already finished my main exercise, and I’m pretty relaxed, and running early, because it is a work day. Right at this point, an image came into my mind, hard to describe, more like an “impression”. This idea had not been in my head, it just popped in, almost as if I was really “seeing” it. It was of a canoe with Indians in it, paddling intently toward the river bank, right where I was at that moment. They appeared to be kneeling in the canoe, a somewhat rough-hewn one, similar to this one I found a picture of on the internet. There were 3 of them, also just like in this picture, wearing buckskin. It was a very brief impression, almost like I was “seeing” a scene from a time long-past. I stopped and stared for awhile to see if the impression would turn into something else. It did not, and was lost. However, I continued on, northward. The river has a sharp curve here and I glanced upriver. Now I had the impression of a battery of multiple Lenape canoes, about a dozen or more of them coming around the curve. I could see this in silhouette. However, it’s not really there. I don’t know what this is, or if I really “saw” anything… but when I related this incident to Bob, he said to me, “That happens to me all the time”. We were outside on our deck, looking across the creek. “What do you mean?”, I asked.
“Well, for instance”, Bob continued, “Over there, up on the hillside across the creek, I see braves all the time, they’re hunting.”
“Are there any there now?”, I wondered.
“No. But I’ve seen this frequently.” Bob said.
“You never mentioned it.” I mused.
“I know, this stuff always just gets weirder and weirder to me, I can’t mention all of it, because sometimes it just seems so crazy.”
My guess is that it took me saying that I was seeing something for Bob to admit that he too, was seeing silhouettes of Lenape just going about their business. Since then, every time I step outside, I glance across the creek to see what I might see. Winter affords a better view of everything – no underbrush to block my view — if a squirrel was over there, I would see it. But nothing — and the canoes on the river event has not happened again either.


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