Events #283-5: Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A 2nd bouquet of clover appears today on my keyboard

It is late December, and today I walked in for the 2nd time this month to a bouquet of fresh purple clover on my keyboard. I have a picture included here. She brings the clover from her world, her time, but Bob says that it is the same time as here. If it’s winter here, it’s winter “there”. They grow vegetables on the same cycle we do. So where is this clover coming from on December 28th? Were (are) they in a warming cycle? Could it be from a micro-climate environment, such as sometimes happens on south-facing slopes exposed to sun all day? The clover is as big a mystery as her presence itself. This is not the only thing that has happened recently, this is just something that happened today. And this morning I awoke to the sound of beating drums in my ear. After hearing that upstairs, I came downstairs to find this email from Bob:

Got up and heard drums and flute in a muffled tone, came downstairs and thought you left a TV or radio playing it was so loud, but you hadn’t. I put wood on fire, even though it was 70 degrees, felt a clear multiple presence, Nuttah and others, almost felt I could touch the presence, felt very “thick”, maybe because it is so humid, who knows. I thought to check if Stewie was still there, he was. Couldn’t hang out and “chat”, had to be on my way. Loudest and clearest I have heard yet. No idea what the hell it is about.

My email back to Bob: Stewie is gone now. Not sure what made you check to see if he was still here, but now he’s gone. Don’t know where. Next time he comes home, he’ll probably come out. I hear the drums too, woke up twice and heard them this morning, they are still there now.

Stewie's character had appeared on my desk while he was home for the Christmas holiday

The references above to Stewie still being here, and then gone… what we’re referring to is the appearance of his character again right after he arrived home for Christmas. Christmas Day I walked into the office, and there beside my character and Nuttah’s, was Stewie, missing since he was last home at Thanksgiving. I put a Stewie “S” on his shirt to differentiate him from Bob, since they are the same doll. Even though Stewie left on Monday, his character remained standing on my desk until today. I do not know where he goes.


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