Event #286: Saturday, December 31, 2011

If my mother were still alive, today would have been her 81st birthday. She passed away in early 2008 of a sudden, unexpected illness. Upon being diagnosed, she was gone within the short space of about 6 weeks. It was all very sudden and traumatizing for all of us who were close to her, but here it is going on 4 years ago, and I believe we have all come to terms with it, even my Dad, who is still with us. The reason I bring this up today, her birthday, is because Bob and I decided about a week or so ago that we would take this day and go visit her grave site. I’m not sure why, really, for one thing, I’ve not done that yet (only on the anniversary of her death, March 24) and I just thought it appropriate on her birthday. So that is what we did Saturday, New Year’s Eve Day. Her burial site is far from us, a good one-hour + away in the deep, southern-most part of our county. It is actually near where she was born, just outside of Philadelphia. I had gathered some greens from our yard; holly, berries, pine, long fronds of Christmas ferns, and bunched up a bouquet of evergreens to place in front of her tomb-stone. Her grave is next to my maternal grandparents and a brother that pre-deceased her. We arrived close to dark, about 4:30 pm. We did not stay long, just long enough to pay our respects, reflect on a memory of her, say a prayer, place the bouquet. It was not a sad event, it was really more spirit-lifting than depressing.

After visiting her gravesite on her birthday, my mother's Lenape character appears on my bedside table

Afterwards, we planned a toast in her honor at a place near her hometown, but inexplicably, in spite of it being New Year’s Eve, it was closed for the evening. We did not “party-it-up” as it were for New Year’s and after having dinner out, were home before 10 PM.  We both noticed the sound of the drums when coming into the house. I checked the characters in my office first, there were no changes on my desk. I went upstairs to the table of characters in the bedroom, and studied it for a moment. It was hard to discern at first what was missing in the dim bedroom light, but then I realized that it was my Mother’s character, gone from the table where Bob and the wolves and pups still stood. Mom has figured into this timeline since Bob had that dream about her, that’s why I gave her a character. She is dressed like an elder Lenape woman. And where was she? Was she even still in the room? I glanced over at my bedside table, and there she stood. I went over to inspect closer and that was the only change, just Mom on my table. When I told Bob about this, he said that he thought there might be something different, as he had strongly felt the presence of Nuttah while I’d been upstairs. Also, he’d gone out with the dogs, and had stood on the deck looking across the creek. He described 4 male, Lenape silhouettes moving amongst the trees. Later, we were both hearing the drums while we fell asleep.

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