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January 31, 2012

Event #295-296, Tuesday Jan. 31, 2012

A close up of Stew's character on the shelf in the hutch. The books are reflected in the glass

Bob wrote me this email Jan. 30th about the previous night: “Lots of drums last night too by the way. I looked to see if Stewie was still in cabinet this morning, initially I thought he was gone, but then realized I was looking at the wrong shelf, there was Stewie standing behind the blue vase with his hand sticking out. So he is still here.”

My response: “I did hear the drums too, when I went to bed, and then when you got up to let Stupe out. I thought initially, that’s what you were up for — investigating noise. Also, I just checked, the Stew character is not there now.”

So, the references above are to the Stewie character that showed up in the china cabinet this past weekend when Stew was home. That was a previous post on January 27. Early Monday morning when Bob left for work, Stew was still in the cabinet. By the time I got up and noticed, his character had disappeared. We still don’t know where he goes when he’s not here, but Stew has come to visit three times since he left the area in October, and each time his character has arrived either shortly before he does, or right after he does.

There was something else that I also noticed on Monday. Opposite our ‘new’ bedroom in the front of the house, there is another bedroom the same size and shape. We have a dresser in there too that I am using. These bedrooms are really small, and we can’t fit everything into one. Monday, I was rearranging some things on top of it, and while doing so encountered Kate’s character on that dresser! When is the last time she has surfaced?? She really has not figured into any of the arrangements since last summer, and has not lived here for a couple of years. We did a lot of moving around of furniture on Saturday, which is why Stew was here, perhaps that is when Kate also appeared. She was still there as of Sat. Feb. 4, but Bob put her away because his sister, Rue is coming overnight again. Here is a picture of how she appeared, and behind her is a baby picture of Kate:

Along with Stewie that weekend, Kate's character also makes an appearance

January 29, 2012

Sunday morning, January 29, 2012

Bob related an event to me that happened overnight involving Nuttah and the two elders. He was given some information through mental imagery about something that has been uncovered. He’s been given this information before, and shortly after that original message, we had both gone looking for it. At that time, we thought we were looking for some kind of artifact, and we had no idea what, where, or how big. It felt like looking for a needle in a haystack, and it more or less was like that, and I must confess, we gave up pretty easily. This originally happened shortly after Hurrican Irene in early September of 2011 that caused flooding here as well as many places elsewhere. Due to some erosion/undercutting of the creek bank from the flooding, something had been exposed, and we have not found it yet. As Bob was to find out last night though, this artifact is not Lenape, and is not even a remnant of their culture. It is a structure, and it was there before the Lenape came. It is, apparently STILL here. I want to find this thing in the worst way, but we don’t know where to look. Can you imagine uncovering something that pre-dates the Lenape here? What culture was it? And when? It is a structure made of stone. Bob sat and drew this picture that came to him in the image that was projected to him. I have included it here (below), cleaned up as much as I could because he drew it on a patterned napkin. What we are looking at in this picture is the eroded creek-bank. And amongst all the random stones that are just part of the bank and all the soil around here, if you can imagine the cross-section created by erosion is something that jumps out as a pattern. Like a fabricated stone wall amidst all the obviously random stones. Bob knows through the messages he has received, that this “side of a wall” that he has been able to see, is the side of a building. Only this one side is exposed, and he doesn’t know if any other parts of it are intact. Bob took some time Sunday morning to take a hike upstream wherever creek access was possible and see if he could find it, but he couldn’t. The information that is obviously missing from these communications, is where the site is. But another question needs to be asked, and that is, “What would we do if we found it?” Would we alert someone? Get people in here to examine it, excavate it, do an archaeological dig? I doubt it. But it would also depend who it was, and what their intent was. From a historical perspective, this certainly has fascinating implications. Below Bob’s drawing, I’ve also included one of the pictures we took of the undercut bank last September, when we first went looking. You can see in that picture what we are up against.

The drawing shows the creek at the bottom, then the eroded bank, trees at the top. The darker section of longer stones in the center would be how this building will appear

Generally, how the banks of the creek look everywhere

January 28, 2012

Friday-Saturday, January 27-28, 2012

Friday, I was home and I worked for awhile emptying out a hutch/cabinet of a huge amount of books and stuff because I wanted it moved out of my office. I was going to exchange it for a different set of bookcases that were elsewhere in the house. This piece is, essentially, a dining room hutch, like a china cabinet. Stewie was coming up for the weekend and was going to be able to help us move a lot of stuff around in the house. He was also coming to pick up our little “Wobbler” dog, the one I walk with every morning. He is taking Wobbles to his new apartment with him. I am going to miss my little Wobbler, but a couple of events made this decision for us. First, Stewie wanted him. Second, more than a year ago the wobbler had figured out how to jump out of our yard, and has done so at least half a dozen times. Each time, thus far, he was brought back to us by good Samaritans because our address is on his collar. It was only going to be a matter of time before something tragic happened. We tried many ways to prevent the jumping, but he managed to thwart all of them. So, to Stewie’s he went. And with the china cabinet now empty, we awaited Stewie’s help in moving it. But he wasn’t going to be here ’til Saturday.

During the night (actually early Saturday morning) we were both awakened to some kind of noise outside our bedroom door, which is always closed due to the heat of the stove.  From my side of the bed, furthest from the door, all I can say is that it was a noise that woke me up. Bob is closest to the door, and described what he heard as footsteps of someone (or something) coming up the stairs. I think Bob was already lying there awake. I heard him sit up, and he didn’t get up right away. He said he was watching the door and saw the shadow of something moving past it in the space between the door and the floor, as there is a light on in the hallway that creates a crack of light there. This got him up out of bed, and he went around through another door to check on things, but there was nothing there. Curious that this kind of stuff doesn’t keep us up all night.

Stewie's small character sits in a corner of the emptied hutch, behind a glass panel

However, when we came down in the morning I stopped in the office for something. I don’t know what drew my eye there, but I glanced over at the empty hutch. There was now something in it, and I know it had been completely empty the day before. Inside the glass sliding door of the upper portion of the hutch, was Stewie’s character, which had not been here since his last visit around Christmas.

A close up of Stew's character on the shelf in the hutch. The books are reflected in the glass

And yet, here he was. How did she know that Stewie would be involved in this moving today? Did I mentally picture the hutch being moved by Bob & Stewie as I emptied it? Did she somehow know that Stewie was on his way? However she picked it up, here was his character, and the real Stewie was in fact, on his way. Now I wonder if she will also pick up the fact that Wobbles went with Stewie too.

January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Except for the constant drumming in our ears and all the other unexplained odd noise in the house, as far as things moving around there has not been much activity since early January. But this morning we were treated to a blast from the past — it was the DUCKS again. When is the last time I even mentioned the ducks? I just checked. The last activity concerning ducks was July of 2011. They were left over in our old bedroom in a part of the house we rarely even go to anymore. Kind of sad, but we’ve more or less abandoned it, not only do we not really need the space since it is just the two of us now, but our insurance company has completely stalled on the matter, and we’ve not done anything to start fixing up from the Irene flood damage. So shut the door and forget it. Joe finally found us over here, and now lives on this side of the house with us.

The papa and little duck appear on the couch in the office

So what might have sparked “Duck” activity after all this time? Bob did tell me that he was out with the pups early this morning, and he mentioned scaring some ducks out of the creek. We actually haven’t even seen many ducks out back in the water this year, not really sure why. So when I entered the office for the first time today, I exclaimed to Bob, “Did you move these over here?” Bob hadn’t. What I consider to be the “Father” duck, and one of the “child” ducks, are seated on the part of the couch where Bob usually sits. This must have happened overnight or sometime that morning. Perhaps when Bob was out and saw ducks in the creek. The only thing that I was aware of, was when I awakened, I heard the drums. It’s not all that usual in the morning, not like it is at night — but this morning they were there. Bob mentioned hearing a “serious bass drum” when he awoke. And I just learned something today, listening to a previous Coast-2-Coast program on my new iPod. I’ve downloaded pod-casts, and I’m trying to keep up with the programming. I learned that people in Costa Rica and other parts of the world are hearing an unexplained “hum”. This was described by some as sounding like a “diesel engine some distance away”. I know at one point when I first started hearing “the hum/buzz”, that’s what I thought it sounded like. Or an airplane way overhead. Or a motor – once I even thought as I walked away from my car that I had somehow left the motor running, until I realized I was hearing the “hum” in the driveway. I’m wondering if the people in these other areas are hearing a motor-hum, or… are they hearing the same kind of hum I hear, and for the same reasons? Only time will tell.

January 19, 2012

Event #291: Thursday night, January 19, 2012

I know that I said I was going to update soon, and I promise that I’ve been working on it. I have 2-3 posts about ready to launch with the photos and everything, but it’s such an involved process… more than I’ve had the energy to work on lately because I have been sick for a month. Yes, that’s true, a month. Not bed-sick, just a lingering, long-term bronchial illness that started with a bad cold just before Christmas. Anyway, it’s finally improving, I can actually do stuff at night when I come home from work now, which for weeks, I was not able to do – had to go right to bed no matter what was going on. But something Bob said tonight has motivated me to come on and post something — it was something that happened earlier, and perhaps, just one post is what I need to pull everything forward. We were having our evening phone call that happens as Bob is going to bed and saying good night, and I’m still at work up to my ears in paperwork:

“I had to make a thorough search of this part of the house tonight”, Bob stated partway into our phone call.

“Why, what was it?” I wondered.

Sometimes it seems there is someone else living here with us

“Lots of clamoring, a racket upstairs, doors slamming, floors creaking, lots of noise”, was Bob’s reply. “Joe was sitting with me and took off like a bat out of hell, as soon as it started.”

“Well, that’s weird.” I said. “What do you think it was?”

“No idea, but I can tell you, I was pretty freaked out by it.” Bob said. After all that’s gone on, that takes a lot, so I knew it had to be pretty freaky.

“I even hesitated before I went upstairs to check it out… I looked everywhere, under beds, in closets, in the 3 rooms – checked the crawl-space. I had to think twice before I stuck my head in the crawl-space.” Bob said, not without a note of concern.

“Hmmmmm… do you think it’s the other family we’ve overlapped with at times in our house having a fight?” Seemed plausible, I thought.

“No idea. Guess it could be.” was Bob’s answer.

I fully expected to come home to something out of place, or changed. Nothing. I don’t even hear the drums tonight. This must be something that is completely separate from Nuttah’s world, and instead, connected to what we feel might be that “portal” that seems to have opened when Nuttah and company came on board. I hope that I don’t wake up to this stuff happening any time soon… but some of my posts that I’m overdue on include lots of stuff about weird noises. I’m going to get fully caught up this weekend. One thing that is helping me is that things have been “relatively quiet”, I mean that only in the sense that things are happening with relative infrequency at the moment.

January 10, 2012

Events 288-290: Dec. 30, 2011 to January 10, 2012

The drumming as an audio back-drop in our lives was fairly prevalent over the whole Christmas and holiday period. I was never quite able to get the meaning of it, but Bob would corroborate my hearing of drums with his own experience. Bob and I communicated through emails several times over that period about either the drumming that we heard, or just bizarre, unexplainable noises. Rather than itemize all these incidents out in separate posts, I’ll just insert some excerpts of our various emails back and forth about it.

Dec. 30, 2011:  My email to Bob: Did you hear the drums last night? I hear them in the bathroom and bedroom, but rarely that I hear anywhere else. Anyway, last night I was really conscious of them.

January 5, 2012, email from Bob:
I came into bathroom and downstairs to serious drumming. Starting to recognize the different beats. I notice joe (the cat) is not around when I hear them downstairs. He was meowing by the door to his living room when I was leaving.

January 6, 2012, email from Bob:
Lot of “noise” last night, drums, flutes, rattles. Did you hear anything? We had people there this morning, maybe something else, too many to sort out. The focus seemed to be near the stairs where they all were. Felt like I was working my way through a crowd at bottom of stairs.

Me: WTF???

Mine to Bob about the previous evening: Last night I walked into the bathroom at one point and heard the clearest resemblance I’ve heard yet to actual drum beats vs. “vibration”. It seemed like a clear “beat”, tom-tom-tom-tom. Then it defaulted back to the vibration. It was super strong in the bathroom, faded off in the bedroom, but I could hear it lying in bed. Slept pretty well last night, which basically means that once I was asleep, I stayed asleep. There are more characters on the coffee table downstairs as of last night. Don’t know when they appeared, but I assume it was after you went up because I think you would have mentioned them. The hut is now behind my mother, and the Duke/Teme pair is next to Nuttah. Did you see them down there earlier? And what did you think of my theory that the corn is arranged like your characters on the carved stone? When you say we had people here, and “maybe something else”, what would that something else be? Just curious.

The hut has been added to the coffee table arrangement, as well as the Duke/Tëme pair

Bob back to me: I didn’t see anything different last night, didn’t look this morning. I’ll look at corn and “my” stone tonight. I don’t know what the something else was, maybe an animal, maybe Duke/teme blended together, I don’t know that I know what that would come across as.

And mine back to Bob: It could have been Duke/Teme because of their characters on the table. And did I understand correctly that you witnessed the corn materializing on the table the other night? Can you describe that again?

Jan. 10, 8:42, Bob’s email to me: I fell asleep to loud drums. Only the deep bass drums which are just a hollowed out log beaten on the side with various tools, from solid branch to sticks with hide wraps.

I’m posting all this way after the fact of it happening, but the drumming was to go on almost every night for the entire month of January. It was more like we noticed when it wasn’t there, rather than when it was. I still don’t know what this means, and I’m not inclined to read into it a personal reason. Meaning that I’m not entirely sure it has to do with us, but I guess it could. It could also mean, however, that we’ve just become more aware and more attuned to the overlap of time frames, and found a way to “hear” it.  But what are they doing every night with these drumming “ceremonies”?

January 8, 2012

Event #291: Sunday morning, January 8, 2012

We had company coming on Saturday, Jan. 7, so the coffee table had to be cleared of all the objects that Nuttah had placed there. We took off all the characters and the hut, but left the turtle shell and the corn. Those alone would probably not raise too many questions, if any. And they didn’t. Our company stayed overnight, and in the morning, even the re-arrangement of this stuff did not raise suspicion. Nobody is really all that observant. But Bob and I noticed. We came down the next morning to the corn/turtle shell in some kind of configuration that Bob said he recognized from somewhere, but again, out of context he couldn’t place it. Bob took a cell phone picture of it Sunday morning, which I have included below here.

On the left is Bob’s cell picture of the new arrangement of the objects on the coffee table. Bob calls this a “Totem”. On the right, is another picture/angle of it that I took later. Notice that the corn has a braided suede piece wound around it. This was something I had, but where it was, before being brought out for this, I do not know.

Bob was wracking his brain about what this object might be. I think, for him, it’s like trying to recall something from a dream you had a long time ago — if this was in fact something he saw “There”, trying to remember it, and what it is in context, is difficult at best. The only thing online that I could come up with is this Lenape Nation image. There is a turtle at the center, and 3 feathers hang from the circle. I can only wonder if there is a connection:

January 8, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

There is much to report. So much is going on right now, that I almost feel like they’re living in the house with us. Perhaps they are. I have many photographs to download, format, upload and write about. And the drums. The drumming almost never seems to go away, it’s been a fairly constant backdrop to our (usually nightly) life. I come in from work at night and hear drumming in the bathroom. I lie in bed and hear drumming from my pillow. It’s beginning to sound to me more clearly like drums, and not just a buzzing vibration in my ear. (It’s always the left ear.) Bob hears it much more clearly than I do, and can hear the individual drums, flutes, rattles sometimes. If I had to guess, the winter is a time in Lenape culture of constant celebration or ceremony with all this drumming going on, but Bob says something different… That it helps to facilitate their connection to us. I will continue to try to get updated; since Christmas, there are probably 7 or 8 separate events, not including the live clover that I received, that I haven’t yet had a chance to type up. There is a good chance I will get it done soon.

January 3, 2012

Event #287: Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bob sent me this email at about 8 PM on Tuesday, January 3rd:

This materialized in front of Bob as he watched.

“This happened while I was in the room. Tending the fire, I felt the presence of Nuttah and at least one other, I turned and saw this, (see the picture Bob included to the right) and I THINK I saw the corn materialize. The chains on the cuckoo clock were swinging. It freaked me out a bit. Everyone is gone now. This remains. No idea what it means. The corn means something, I recognize it, but can’t place it in context.

I’ve placed the picture to the right that Bob took with his cell phone. What he is referring to is an arrangement appearing on the coffee table WHILE he was in the room. When he first began working on the fire in the stove, there was only a book on the table. And then he senses all this motion and presence in the room, hears and sees the chains of the cuckoo clock start swinging back and forth, as if a breeze has passed through the room, and then as he glances at the table, sees an arrangement that has materialized there, and the corn is STILL in the process of materializing. This had been my theory all along, that the stuff is not carried where it’s going to go, but that it materializes there. And here is proof. Bob and I spoke on the phone after this, and he was still bit freaked out by the whole experience. I asked him to describe what he saw with the corn, as it “materialized”. The best we can both come up with (with our limited frame of reference) is blocky-square-pixels coming together that initially look all “pixilated”, and as the image forms, or resolves, comes into focus better and you can see what it is. Similar to a picture loading on the internet as the information downloads – first pixilated, then the resolution fills in and you know what you’re looking at.

The picutre I took of what Bob saw materialize on the coffee table

When I got home that night, I took a look on the coffee table to see what Bob had seen, even though he had earlier sent me a picture. I wrote Bob an email that he would get in the morning of what I thought I saw:

“What the corn shape looks like to me, is the symbol on your symbolic stone that she brought you so many moons ago. The symbol was a line for you, a parallel line for her, and then another line drawn between your two “characters”, symbolizing the link between you. That’s what I see. I’ll include here a blow up of that symbol from Bob’s stone:

Two shots of Bob’s stone with the markings on them. I related these symbols to how Nuttah had arranged the corn in front of Bob’s eyes. In the image I have posted here, I turned the image of the corn in Photoshop so that it is the same angle as the stone symbol. In so doing, I noticed that Bob’s stone is PART of the arrangement! You can see it in the upper right of the corn picture, and I’ve included another picture of both, below.

And then the next morning, January 4th, Bob wrote me this email: What do you think of the arrangement? It still freaks me out thinking about it this morning. I think I saw the one piece materialize, not positive, but positive that it was really weird. Cuckoo chains moving were an added touch. Any thoughts? Lot of drums last night. Having trouble writing this, my fingers are numb from handling cold, oily steel.

I’ve done this version of the arrangement on the coffee table in Photoshop (with the pink arrow) , to emphasize my caption above that points out Bob’s stone. I still think that this was her message; the link between Bob and her. Bob is not so sure, he thinks he has seen this somewhere else. I’m also not sure why Bob was asking me this again; what I thought of the arrangement. I guess he did not see the email I wrote him about my theory of the corn-shape. I told him about it later though, and he was fairly skeptical. Bob thinks that it is something different, something that he has seen when he goes there, and since he is missing the context of it, he can’t place it.