Event #287: Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bob sent me this email at about 8 PM on Tuesday, January 3rd:

This materialized in front of Bob as he watched.

“This happened while I was in the room. Tending the fire, I felt the presence of Nuttah and at least one other, I turned and saw this, (see the picture Bob included to the right) and I THINK I saw the corn materialize. The chains on the cuckoo clock were swinging. It freaked me out a bit. Everyone is gone now. This remains. No idea what it means. The corn means something, I recognize it, but can’t place it in context.

I’ve placed the picture to the right that Bob took with his cell phone. What he is referring to is an arrangement appearing on the coffee table WHILE he was in the room. When he first began working on the fire in the stove, there was only a book on the table. And then he senses all this motion and presence in the room, hears and sees the chains of the cuckoo clock start swinging back and forth, as if a breeze has passed through the room, and then as he glances at the table, sees an arrangement that has materialized there, and the corn is STILL in the process of materializing. This had been my theory all along, that the stuff is not carried where it’s going to go, but that it materializes there. And here is proof. Bob and I spoke on the phone after this, and he was still bit freaked out by the whole experience. I asked him to describe what he saw with the corn, as it “materialized”. The best we can both come up with (with our limited frame of reference) is blocky-square-pixels coming together that initially look all “pixilated”, and as the image forms, or resolves, comes into focus better and you can see what it is. Similar to a picture loading on the internet as the information downloads – first pixilated, then the resolution fills in and you know what you’re looking at.

The picutre I took of what Bob saw materialize on the coffee table

When I got home that night, I took a look on the coffee table to see what Bob had seen, even though he had earlier sent me a picture. I wrote Bob an email that he would get in the morning of what I thought I saw:

“What the corn shape looks like to me, is the symbol on your symbolic stone that she brought you so many moons ago. The symbol was a line for you, a parallel line for her, and then another line drawn between your two “characters”, symbolizing the link between you. That’s what I see. I’ll include here a blow up of that symbol from Bob’s stone:

Two shots of Bob’s stone with the markings on them. I related these symbols to how Nuttah had arranged the corn in front of Bob’s eyes. In the image I have posted here, I turned the image of the corn in Photoshop so that it is the same angle as the stone symbol. In so doing, I noticed that Bob’s stone is PART of the arrangement! You can see it in the upper right of the corn picture, and I’ve included another picture of both, below.

And then the next morning, January 4th, Bob wrote me this email: What do you think of the arrangement? It still freaks me out thinking about it this morning. I think I saw the one piece materialize, not positive, but positive that it was really weird. Cuckoo chains moving were an added touch. Any thoughts? Lot of drums last night. Having trouble writing this, my fingers are numb from handling cold, oily steel.

I’ve done this version of the arrangement on the coffee table in Photoshop (with the pink arrow) , to emphasize my caption above that points out Bob’s stone. I still think that this was her message; the link between Bob and her. Bob is not so sure, he thinks he has seen this somewhere else. I’m also not sure why Bob was asking me this again; what I thought of the arrangement. I guess he did not see the email I wrote him about my theory of the corn-shape. I told him about it later though, and he was fairly skeptical. Bob thinks that it is something different, something that he has seen when he goes there, and since he is missing the context of it, he can’t place it.


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