Event #291: Sunday morning, January 8, 2012

We had company coming on Saturday, Jan. 7, so the coffee table had to be cleared of all the objects that Nuttah had placed there. We took off all the characters and the hut, but left the turtle shell and the corn. Those alone would probably not raise too many questions, if any. And they didn’t. Our company stayed overnight, and in the morning, even the re-arrangement of this stuff did not raise suspicion. Nobody is really all that observant. But Bob and I noticed. We came down the next morning to the corn/turtle shell in some kind of configuration that Bob said he recognized from somewhere, but again, out of context he couldn’t place it. Bob took a cell phone picture of it Sunday morning, which I have included below here.

On the left is Bob’s cell picture of the new arrangement of the objects on the coffee table. Bob calls this a “Totem”. On the right, is another picture/angle of it that I took later. Notice that the corn has a braided suede piece wound around it. This was something I had, but where it was, before being brought out for this, I do not know.

Bob was wracking his brain about what this object might be. I think, for him, it’s like trying to recall something from a dream you had a long time ago — if this was in fact something he saw “There”, trying to remember it, and what it is in context, is difficult at best. The only thing online that I could come up with is this Lenape Nation image. There is a turtle at the center, and 3 feathers hang from the circle. I can only wonder if there is a connection:


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