Sunday, January 8, 2012

There is much to report. So much is going on right now, that I almost feel like they’re living in the house with us. Perhaps they are. I have many photographs to download, format, upload and write about. And the drums. The drumming almost never seems to go away, it’s been a fairly constant backdrop to our (usually nightly) life. I come in from work at night and hear drumming in the bathroom. I lie in bed and hear drumming from my pillow. It’s beginning to sound to me more clearly like drums, and not just a buzzing vibration in my ear. (It’s always the left ear.) Bob hears it much more clearly than I do, and can hear the individual drums, flutes, rattles sometimes. If I had to guess, the winter is a time in Lenape culture of constant celebration or ceremony with all this drumming going on, but Bob says something different… That it helps to facilitate their connection to us. I will continue to try to get updated; since Christmas, there are probably 7 or 8 separate events, not including the live clover that I received, that I haven’t yet had a chance to type up. There is a good chance I will get it done soon.


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