Events 288-290: Dec. 30, 2011 to January 10, 2012

The drumming as an audio back-drop in our lives was fairly prevalent over the whole Christmas and holiday period. I was never quite able to get the meaning of it, but Bob would corroborate my hearing of drums with his own experience. Bob and I communicated through emails several times over that period about either the drumming that we heard, or just bizarre, unexplainable noises. Rather than itemize all these incidents out in separate posts, I’ll just insert some excerpts of our various emails back and forth about it.

Dec. 30, 2011:  My email to Bob: Did you hear the drums last night? I hear them in the bathroom and bedroom, but rarely that I hear anywhere else. Anyway, last night I was really conscious of them.

January 5, 2012, email from Bob:
I came into bathroom and downstairs to serious drumming. Starting to recognize the different beats. I notice joe (the cat) is not around when I hear them downstairs. He was meowing by the door to his living room when I was leaving.

January 6, 2012, email from Bob:
Lot of “noise” last night, drums, flutes, rattles. Did you hear anything? We had people there this morning, maybe something else, too many to sort out. The focus seemed to be near the stairs where they all were. Felt like I was working my way through a crowd at bottom of stairs.

Me: WTF???

Mine to Bob about the previous evening: Last night I walked into the bathroom at one point and heard the clearest resemblance I’ve heard yet to actual drum beats vs. “vibration”. It seemed like a clear “beat”, tom-tom-tom-tom. Then it defaulted back to the vibration. It was super strong in the bathroom, faded off in the bedroom, but I could hear it lying in bed. Slept pretty well last night, which basically means that once I was asleep, I stayed asleep. There are more characters on the coffee table downstairs as of last night. Don’t know when they appeared, but I assume it was after you went up because I think you would have mentioned them. The hut is now behind my mother, and the Duke/Teme pair is next to Nuttah. Did you see them down there earlier? And what did you think of my theory that the corn is arranged like your characters on the carved stone? When you say we had people here, and “maybe something else”, what would that something else be? Just curious.

The hut has been added to the coffee table arrangement, as well as the Duke/Tëme pair

Bob back to me: I didn’t see anything different last night, didn’t look this morning. I’ll look at corn and “my” stone tonight. I don’t know what the something else was, maybe an animal, maybe Duke/teme blended together, I don’t know that I know what that would come across as.

And mine back to Bob: It could have been Duke/Teme because of their characters on the table. And did I understand correctly that you witnessed the corn materializing on the table the other night? Can you describe that again?

Jan. 10, 8:42, Bob’s email to me: I fell asleep to loud drums. Only the deep bass drums which are just a hollowed out log beaten on the side with various tools, from solid branch to sticks with hide wraps.

I’m posting all this way after the fact of it happening, but the drumming was to go on almost every night for the entire month of January. It was more like we noticed when it wasn’t there, rather than when it was. I still don’t know what this means, and I’m not inclined to read into it a personal reason. Meaning that I’m not entirely sure it has to do with us, but I guess it could. It could also mean, however, that we’ve just become more aware and more attuned to the overlap of time frames, and found a way to “hear” it.  But what are they doing every night with these drumming “ceremonies”?


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