Event #291: Thursday night, January 19, 2012

I know that I said I was going to update soon, and I promise that I’ve been working on it. I have 2-3 posts about ready to launch with the photos and everything, but it’s such an involved process… more than I’ve had the energy to work on lately because I have been sick for a month. Yes, that’s true, a month. Not bed-sick, just a lingering, long-term bronchial illness that started with a bad cold just before Christmas. Anyway, it’s finally improving, I can actually do stuff at night when I come home from work now, which for weeks, I was not able to do – had to go right to bed no matter what was going on. But something Bob said tonight has motivated me to come on and post something — it was something that happened earlier, and perhaps, just one post is what I need to pull everything forward. We were having our evening phone call that happens as Bob is going to bed and saying good night, and I’m still at work up to my ears in paperwork:

“I had to make a thorough search of this part of the house tonight”, Bob stated partway into our phone call.

“Why, what was it?” I wondered.

Sometimes it seems there is someone else living here with us

“Lots of clamoring, a racket upstairs, doors slamming, floors creaking, lots of noise”, was Bob’s reply. “Joe was sitting with me and took off like a bat out of hell, as soon as it started.”

“Well, that’s weird.” I said. “What do you think it was?”

“No idea, but I can tell you, I was pretty freaked out by it.” Bob said. After all that’s gone on, that takes a lot, so I knew it had to be pretty freaky.

“I even hesitated before I went upstairs to check it out… I looked everywhere, under beds, in closets, in the 3 rooms – checked the crawl-space. I had to think twice before I stuck my head in the crawl-space.” Bob said, not without a note of concern.

“Hmmmmm… do you think it’s the other family we’ve overlapped with at times in our house having a fight?” Seemed plausible, I thought.

“No idea. Guess it could be.” was Bob’s answer.

I fully expected to come home to something out of place, or changed. Nothing. I don’t even hear the drums tonight. This must be something that is completely separate from Nuttah’s world, and instead, connected to what we feel might be that “portal” that seems to have opened when Nuttah and company came on board. I hope that I don’t wake up to this stuff happening any time soon… but some of my posts that I’m overdue on include lots of stuff about weird noises. I’m going to get fully caught up this weekend. One thing that is helping me is that things have been “relatively quiet”, I mean that only in the sense that things are happening with relative infrequency at the moment.


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