Sunday, January 22, 2012

Except for the constant drumming in our ears and all the other unexplained odd noise in the house, as far as things moving around there has not been much activity since early January. But this morning we were treated to a blast from the past — it was the DUCKS again. When is the last time I even mentioned the ducks? I just checked. The last activity concerning ducks was July of 2011. They were left over in our old bedroom in a part of the house we rarely even go to anymore. Kind of sad, but we’ve more or less abandoned it, not only do we not really need the space since it is just the two of us now, but our insurance company has completely stalled on the matter, and we’ve not done anything to start fixing up from the Irene flood damage. So shut the door and forget it. Joe finally found us over here, and now lives on this side of the house with us.

The papa and little duck appear on the couch in the office

So what might have sparked “Duck” activity after all this time? Bob did tell me that he was out with the pups early this morning, and he mentioned scaring some ducks out of the creek. We actually haven’t even seen many ducks out back in the water this year, not really sure why. So when I entered the office for the first time today, I exclaimed to Bob, “Did you move these over here?” Bob hadn’t. What I consider to be the “Father” duck, and one of the “child” ducks, are seated on the part of the couch where Bob usually sits. This must have happened overnight or sometime that morning. Perhaps when Bob was out and saw ducks in the creek. The only thing that I was aware of, was when I awakened, I heard the drums. It’s not all that usual in the morning, not like it is at night — but this morning they were there. Bob mentioned hearing a “serious bass drum” when he awoke. And I just learned something today, listening to a previous Coast-2-Coast program on my new iPod. I’ve downloaded pod-casts, and I’m trying to keep up with the programming. I learned that people in Costa Rica and other parts of the world are hearing an unexplained “hum”. This was described by some as sounding like a “diesel engine some distance away”. I know at one point when I first started hearing “the hum/buzz”, that’s what I thought it sounded like. Or an airplane way overhead. Or a motor – once I even thought as I walked away from my car that I had somehow left the motor running, until I realized I was hearing the “hum” in the driveway. I’m wondering if the people in these other areas are hearing a motor-hum, or… are they hearing the same kind of hum I hear, and for the same reasons? Only time will tell.


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