Friday-Saturday, January 27-28, 2012

Friday, I was home and I worked for awhile emptying out a hutch/cabinet of a huge amount of books and stuff because I wanted it moved out of my office. I was going to exchange it for a different set of bookcases that were elsewhere in the house. This piece is, essentially, a dining room hutch, like a china cabinet. Stewie was coming up for the weekend and was going to be able to help us move a lot of stuff around in the house. He was also coming to pick up our little “Wobbler” dog, the one I walk with every morning. He is taking Wobbles to his new apartment with him. I am going to miss my little Wobbler, but a couple of events made this decision for us. First, Stewie wanted him. Second, more than a year ago the wobbler had figured out how to jump out of our yard, and has done so at least half a dozen times. Each time, thus far, he was brought back to us by good Samaritans because our address is on his collar. It was only going to be a matter of time before something tragic happened. We tried many ways to prevent the jumping, but he managed to thwart all of them. So, to Stewie’s he went. And with the china cabinet now empty, we awaited Stewie’s help in moving it. But he wasn’t going to be here ’til Saturday.

During the night (actually early Saturday morning) we were both awakened to some kind of noise outside our bedroom door, which is always closed due to the heat of the stove.  From my side of the bed, furthest from the door, all I can say is that it was a noise that woke me up. Bob is closest to the door, and described what he heard as footsteps of someone (or something) coming up the stairs. I think Bob was already lying there awake. I heard him sit up, and he didn’t get up right away. He said he was watching the door and saw the shadow of something moving past it in the space between the door and the floor, as there is a light on in the hallway that creates a crack of light there. This got him up out of bed, and he went around through another door to check on things, but there was nothing there. Curious that this kind of stuff doesn’t keep us up all night.

Stewie's small character sits in a corner of the emptied hutch, behind a glass panel

However, when we came down in the morning I stopped in the office for something. I don’t know what drew my eye there, but I glanced over at the empty hutch. There was now something in it, and I know it had been completely empty the day before. Inside the glass sliding door of the upper portion of the hutch, was Stewie’s character, which had not been here since his last visit around Christmas.

A close up of Stew's character on the shelf in the hutch. The books are reflected in the glass

And yet, here he was. How did she know that Stewie would be involved in this moving today? Did I mentally picture the hutch being moved by Bob & Stewie as I emptied it? Did she somehow know that Stewie was on his way? However she picked it up, here was his character, and the real Stewie was in fact, on his way. Now I wonder if she will also pick up the fact that Wobbles went with Stewie too.


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