Sunday morning, January 29, 2012

Bob related an event to me that happened overnight involving Nuttah and the two elders. He was given some information through mental imagery about something that has been uncovered. He’s been given this information before, and shortly after that original message, we had both gone looking for it. At that time, we thought we were looking for some kind of artifact, and we had no idea what, where, or how big. It felt like looking for a needle in a haystack, and it more or less was like that, and I must confess, we gave up pretty easily. This originally happened shortly after Hurrican Irene in early September of 2011 that caused flooding here as well as many places elsewhere. Due to some erosion/undercutting of the creek bank from the flooding, something had been exposed, and we have not found it yet. As Bob was to find out last night though, this artifact is not Lenape, and is not even a remnant of their culture. It is a structure, and it was there before the Lenape came. It is, apparently STILL here. I want to find this thing in the worst way, but we don’t know where to look. Can you imagine uncovering something that pre-dates the Lenape here? What culture was it? And when? It is a structure made of stone. Bob sat and drew this picture that came to him in the image that was projected to him. I have included it here (below), cleaned up as much as I could because he drew it on a patterned napkin. What we are looking at in this picture is the eroded creek-bank. And amongst all the random stones that are just part of the bank and all the soil around here, if you can imagine the cross-section created by erosion is something that jumps out as a pattern. Like a fabricated stone wall amidst all the obviously random stones. Bob knows through the messages he has received, that this “side of a wall” that he has been able to see, is the side of a building. Only this one side is exposed, and he doesn’t know if any other parts of it are intact. Bob took some time Sunday morning to take a hike upstream wherever creek access was possible and see if he could find it, but he couldn’t. The information that is obviously missing from these communications, is where the site is. But another question needs to be asked, and that is, “What would we do if we found it?” Would we alert someone? Get people in here to examine it, excavate it, do an archaeological dig? I doubt it. But it would also depend who it was, and what their intent was. From a historical perspective, this certainly has fascinating implications. Below Bob’s drawing, I’ve also included one of the pictures we took of the undercut bank last September, when we first went looking. You can see in that picture what we are up against.

The drawing shows the creek at the bottom, then the eroded bank, trees at the top. The darker section of longer stones in the center would be how this building will appear

Generally, how the banks of the creek look everywhere


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