Event #295-296, Tuesday Jan. 31, 2012

A close up of Stew's character on the shelf in the hutch. The books are reflected in the glass

Bob wrote me this email Jan. 30th about the previous night: “Lots of drums last night too by the way. I looked to see if Stewie was still in cabinet this morning, initially I thought he was gone, but then realized I was looking at the wrong shelf, there was Stewie standing behind the blue vase with his hand sticking out. So he is still here.”

My response: “I did hear the drums too, when I went to bed, and then when you got up to let Stupe out. I thought initially, that’s what you were up for — investigating noise. Also, I just checked, the Stew character is not there now.”

So, the references above are to the Stewie character that showed up in the china cabinet this past weekend when Stew was home. That was a previous post on January 27. Early Monday morning when Bob left for work, Stew was still in the cabinet. By the time I got up and noticed, his character had disappeared. We still don’t know where he goes when he’s not here, but Stew has come to visit three times since he left the area in October, and each time his character has arrived either shortly before he does, or right after he does.

There was something else that I also noticed on Monday. Opposite our ‘new’ bedroom in the front of the house, there is another bedroom the same size and shape. We have a dresser in there too that I am using. These bedrooms are really small, and we can’t fit everything into one. Monday, I was rearranging some things on top of it, and while doing so encountered Kate’s character on that dresser! When is the last time she has surfaced?? She really has not figured into any of the arrangements since last summer, and has not lived here for a couple of years. We did a lot of moving around of furniture on Saturday, which is why Stew was here, perhaps that is when Kate also appeared. She was still there as of Sat. Feb. 4, but Bob put her away because his sister, Rue is coming overnight again. Here is a picture of how she appeared, and behind her is a baby picture of Kate:

Along with Stewie that weekend, Kate's character also makes an appearance


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