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February 28, 2012

Another Event with Bob – self-imposed

On Saturday night, Feb. 25, 2012, we were visiting and having dinner with some friends in a town a bit downriver from us. We’d had some drinks, and were moving on to dessert and dessert drinks. We’d been having quite a good time, and were just sitting around a table talking and laughing. There were only 4 of us: the other couple and Bob and me. Bob had been taking some heavy-duty pain killers for a shoulder problem he’d had since moving some furniture for me in late January. Then someone addressed a question to Bob, and I glanced over at him next to me because he didn’t answer right away. It was then that I realized that he had seemingly dozed off. I called his name, and he didn’t respond. I shook him a little and he didn’t respond. Then I shook him hard and he didn’t respond. Called out his name, shaking him, and he wasn’t waking up. Well, this was weird, and a bit unnerving. To me, he looked like he had twice before: the first time was that time on our front porch when he spilled the coffee on himself because he had gone “there” and was relatively unconscious “here”. Then there was that time he fell out of bed right after Dukey died, when in fact he was “there” and I was seeing his unconscious body here. These episodes are scary, and this was no different. However, this time I also knew about the strong pain-killers he’d been taking that day, possibly now mixed with some beer, and I was scared for Bob. Our friends were too. Bob was not waking up, at least not the way someone should if you shake them or shout at them. After a few minutes (seemed like longer) of trying to rouse him, Bob woke up. I can’t say exactly how long it had been, but long enough that we were really worried. At first he seemed really woozy and out of it, but he came around pretty quickly, looking around at us and seeming like he was trying to put together what had happened. I wanted to ask him if he’d gone “there”, but not in front of the others. So when we were leaving, I was driving, and the first thing that I asked Bob was if he’d had some kind of “experience” back there. “Yeah”, was the reply, and continued: “I was in the long-house, outside of a circle of the elders around a fire. There was some kind of meeting or council going on. They just looked at me briefly and then continued. I felt out of place, weird. Nuttah was not there, and I’m not sure what the meeting was about.”

I wondered if they’d called him in, and that was why he “disappeared” from us in the middle of a social gathering. Also a little worried, as it seemed as if this could now happen anywhere, and not just on the relative “safety” of our property. It was the first time we’d really had such an “off-site event” with the exception of that intersection that always wreaked havoc with Bob.  Bob said that he wasn’t really sure about his presence there being facilitated, but that he had felt really out of place. Like they’d been in a serious meeting, Bob pops in, diverts their attention for a moment, and then they go back to what they’d been talking about. What Bob knew was that one minute, he’d been at the dinner table, somewhat bored with the conversation, and the next minute, he was at a fire in a “council meeting” in Lenape-world. I have begun to notice how completely hard it is to “bring him back” when he goes. This is concerning me. This situation appeared as if it could possibly go another way, and I don’t really want to entertain the possibilities of that. I just hope that it doesn’t happen again.

That was really all there was to it until a couple of days later, I received one morning this email from Bob:
Bob, Feb. 28, 7 AM: “I did have an interesting dream; the woman here that has dreams about my Mom was in [my] dream last night. She told me a girl/woman that looked similar to her people told her that what happened Saturday night was done by me not “them”, and I could have died from it. Pretty weird. The council was for them. Came in this morning, when Thom (my crew) got here the first thing he told me was the woman had a dream about me last night but it was not with my Mom, a girl/woman that looked sort of like them, telling her I did it myself and not to, very dangerous. You must be very careful with your life. Good to know!

Me, Feb. 28, 9 AM:
So what you are saying is you both had the same dream with the same character? (I wonder if it was also the same time at night??) How much like Nuttah does this woman look – I mean is there a similarity between the Lao and the Lenape? This is pretty wild. Did you feel like you “did it yourself”? (Didn’t know that was possible). I sort of felt like you could have died too — esp. when we couldn’t rouse you, but what I kept telling myself is that I was rarely around the other times, and I never saw, except those 2 times, what happened to your “here” body. Maybe that is why Nuttah doesn’t do it often anymore. Interesting that this other way to communicate has developed. This woman at work may start to wonder, if she hasn’t already. I hope she doesn’t become self-conscious about it, or they start to tease her. She might stop telling you the dreams. How old is she?

Bob, Feb. 28, 9:30:
Yes, I believe the girl/woman she was talking to was Nuttah. I am staying away from any potential of “doing it myself”. I know and Nuttah knows it beats the hell out of me. It is not nice. Heart is racing thinking about it. I don’t think the woman will stop, I have been receptive and she saw the picture of my mom and pointed right to her, so she knows there is something. They believe in this stuff anyway. I don’t know how old she is, could be mid to late 30’s, married and has a daughter is all Thom told me. I don’t really talk to her beyond a smile and a hello. They tend to create jealousies if I talk to one and not the other, so it is easier to stay away from it entirely.

So now this is me just narrating about this incident. To recap — Bob has an “incident” while we’re dining with friends. I find out later he goes “there” — he’s completely unconscious here, because he’s present at a ceremony or council meeting in Lenape world — which means that he doesn’t have to be on our property for this to happen. He finds out through joint dreams later that he “did this himself”; Nuttah, for the first time, did not facilitate his transfer to the other time-zone. A woman where Bob works, who is apparently very in touch with the spiritual world, has a dream in which Nuttah appears (“a girl/woman that looked similar to her people”), in which Nuttah warns her to warn Bob not to take this stuff lightly, and not to do it himself: “What happened Saturday night was done by me not “them”, and I could have died from it”. Better take this stuff seriously. Bob has exactly the same dream. Why is this woman figuring into this scenario at all, I wonder? Is it because her mind is “open” to it, that Nuttah (and let’s not forget Bob’s mother), has found a way to convey information to get it to Bob faster, or when they can’t get through to him? And then there is the part about just randomly shooting off to that world at will — Bob has to be careful not to do that again; the warning that has come through is that you can’t do that on your own — you might not come back. Again, I am left at a loss as to what it all means and how to interpret it, I’m just glad we brought Bob back to our world in time.
And just one last thing to clarify something in this post. It is hard to find pictures of what a Lenape woman might look like, obviously, because they come from an era when there was no photography. Yet I’d like to insert these 2 pictures I found of “Lenape Women” on the web that may illustrate a similarity to how they might look, given the Lao woman’s statement: “a girl/woman that looked similar to her people”, meaning the Lao people, and you can see how Lenape women have physical similarities to Asian women:

February 28, 2012

Tuesday morning, February 28, 2012

I don’t mention this every time it happens anymore, because it is a pretty common “event”, but the sounds – especially at night in the bathroom, have become more and more frequent. It’s almost like the bathroom, the smallest room in our house, has become a sort of “portal”. Believe it or not, I have actually tried to meditate with the sound, but I’m so bad at that, I lose patience in about 30 seconds. I try to do it longer, but I’m really bad with “brain-chatter” as it were and I can’t shut my head up. It’s always nagging at me about something. I probably should take this opportunity and work with it, and listened last night to a C2C guest, who is apparently offering a FREE download about how to meditate. I will also put the link here, in case anyone else wants to. The show was in the archives, it actually aired on Feb. 14, I believe, since I’m still trying to “catch up”. The past 2 nights, the sound of muffled drumming was overwhelming. Sometimes I think it will keep me up, but I always do manage to get to sleep over it. The pillow also muffles it somewhat. The bathroom is right next to our small bedroom, so there is kind of an overlap. I note this, because I think when it gets really loud like that, we are supposed to take notice, but I never know of what?

There is also something else going on right now, and has been since about a week after Bob’s life-saving event. I have not caught up with all those posts yet, I’m only up to Feb. 15, and you can see that today is the 28th. And things are happening so fast and so often that if I don’t post almost daily, it is going to get away from me very quickly. Apparently that event, even though we were aware of the magnitude of it, was even more so than I think we can realize or comprehend. I’m pretty aware of a sense of disappointment about how little we seem to be able to comprehend. But the event has brought in other people that we did not know were involved in this, and I’m sure they didn’t know either, and are not sure why they are now.  I’m beginning to think that all the people in your life are there for a reason. We are all connected in some way, and stay connected in this and perhaps future lives for reasons we are not conscious of. I also think it’s important to find out how we are all connected. I’m not saying I’m making it my life’s mission, but I wish I could. So stay tuned… there are more fascinating posts to come.

And here is that meditation link, courtesy of Coast to Coast guest, “futurist and researcher in non-local consciousness”, Stephan Schwartz. The show was about “Non-Local Consciousness”. I have not read the article yet, but I think this is a new path that is being pointed out to me. I am also open to any thoughts or ideas others might have about meditation or any of the events in the blog.

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February 23, 2012

A woman’s prophetic dream – the first one

Shortly after Bob’s first “Near-death-experience” (2/10/12), the one where his car was violently braked FOR him to avoid a collision with a drunk driver at 4 AM, a woman at work approached him. This is a woman from another country, Laos, I believe. She does not speak English well, if at all, and the message she needed to give Bob had to be translated to him through other employees that do speak both languages. The message she needed to get to him, which she felt important enough to make all the effort for, came to her in the form of a dream. In the dream, a woman came to tell HER something. The Lao woman perceived the person delivering the dream message to be Bob’s mother (who is deceased). Here is the email Bob sent me about this dream:

Feb. 22, email from Bob:

“Here is something interesting: Thom (the guy I call “my crew”) just told me that one of the women upstairs told him to tell me that my Mom visited her in her dreams the past 3 nights to tell her to tell me to be careful, that I cannot be “saved” all places and all times. They do all they can. Pretty weird, I have probably spoken 10 words to this woman in past 5 years.”

My email back to Bob:  “Wow, that’s pretty wild. I was wondering that myself – all places all times? Can you ask her how your Mom appeared? Did you tell Thom (your crew) about what happened that Friday?

Bob said he had not mentioned his near-death-experience to anyone at work, he was just too freaked out by it. Later, he asked the woman to come downstairs to the plant office with the translator. On his computer, he had found a picture he happened to have of his mother and all her (8) siblings, but the picture was taken in probably the 1940’s when his mother was in her early 20’s. He left it up on his computer screen. When the Laotian woman came in, she walked right up to the computer and pointed at Bob’s mother, picking her out of more than a dozen people in the picture.

“HER! This woman — this is the woman that came to me in the dream — she dresses ‘old’, but she is young.” was what the woman said as translated by Bob’s ‘crew’.

By “old”, she meant she dresses in an old style, the style of the 1940’s. The best I can make of this whole odd new development is this:  A woman who is very remotely much closer to Nuttah’s culture than we are, presumably with more attunement to the spiritual world, is contacted by Bob’s deceased mother in a dream to deliver him a message: BE CAREFUL. They were there for you then, but you cannot be saved in all places at all times. This woman having the dream had no knowledge of Bob’s experience driving in early that Friday morning. She had no knowledge of what Bob’s mother looked like. Like Bob said, “I’ve probably spoken 10 words to this woman in the past 5 years.” It is obvious, though, that this message was important enough for Bob’s deceased mother to find a way to convey it to him, even through someone that doesn’t even speak the language. This amazes me as much as so many of the other events of the past 2 years. Bob is heeding the message, but is not sure what exactly he can do differently.

February 15, 2012

Event #302: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

kenamëwakàn kpëmawsi - "Thankfully, you are alive"

Tuesday night (Valentine’s Day) I came home from work to find another napkin on the coffee table with Lenape words written on it. (Gotta remember to put out better paper, these napkins do not produce the best scans) Also, when I went upstairs to check the dresser, there was a change with the characters. I’ll take a picture tomorrow morning. I did write Bob an email to ask him when this “event” occurred. My suspicion is that something happened after we hung up the phone that evening, as Bob had not mentioned anything.

I wrote an email to Bob that night about it: “When did you write that napkin? Was it after you talked to me? There is a change on the dresser too. I was able to translate your word — one of the spellings was right on, but when did that happen and was there anything else?”

In the morning, 2/15, I had this email back from Bob:
I was in bed last night after talking to you when I heard Stoop scramble and whine like a 2 year-old. Got up and as soon as I started down the stairs I knew Nuttah was there, as well as someone else, but I don’t know who. She just held my hand, very tightly, which is a very odd sensation when you can’t see anything doing it. I got a clear word of “kpëmawsi“, or however it is spelled and another word of something like “kenamëwakàn“, very clear, but I don’t know what it means. It didn’t sound like it was bad though. And then everyone was gone, in an instant. Stoop came back like nothing happened and jumped back on the chair ignoring me.

Then mine: The word Nuttah was saying means literally, “Thankfulness”. I guess the phrase then could have meant “We are thankful that you live” or “We are thankful that you are alive“, or “Thankfully you live“.

Kenamëwakàn kpemawsi. I am very grateful that they saved Bob. Obviously, things could have been very different, had it not been for their intervention. For Bob, everything since has a rather surreal air about it. There was also a new arrangement on the dresser, that kind of echoes that, and I’ve included it below. If you compare this to the recent picture in event #301, our characters are all more tightly scrunched together, and Nuttah has positioned herself between Bob and I. We are all bunched in front of the Duke/Tëme character:

The 2nd new arrangement after Bob's life is saved

February 11, 2012

Event #301: Saturday, February 11, 2012

We’d been out Saturday night and came home to find a change on the dresser that I think has something to do with Bob’s incident of Friday:

The picture probably requires a bit of explanation. Nuttah has placed herself in front of Bob, he stands in front of Duke/Teme. I’m facing the 2 of them, and hearts are pointing at us. The sprig of now dried clover from December lies at my feet. I think what Nuttah is trying to convey here is the love that exists between us and why she helped (we believe) to facilitate Bob’s accident intervention. There is something much bigger at work here than we can possibly know.

February 11, 2012

Event #300: Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday morning, the day after his major life-saving incident, Bob got up before me, and was downstairs tending the fire when I came down. I saw a napkin laying on the coffee table that had me immediately excited.

“What’s this!?”, I exclaimed, picking it up and seeing Bob’s scrawl of Lenape words. How long had it been for Lenape Words!

“I had a visit this morning.” Bob stated without much emotion or excitement. I think he is still completely perturbed by the event of yesterday – we both are. Bob continues, “I can’t believe Stoop didn’t wake you up, the way she scrambled out of here.”

A little explanation: Stoop is the only dog we have left now (out of 3). I gave up my little towpath Wobbler to our son, Stewie, who took Wobbles to his new place, new job, new apartment, out of state. It was supposed to be a move good for all, except I do miss my little towpath Wobbler. I still wobble, I just take… Stoop now. She doesn’t do as well as Wobbles, she’s a little older, but she is gradually getting used to it. It’s been about a month now. And since she is by herself, she is now IN the house with us, living upstairs in our living space. I was always curious how this would go with a dog and the “visits”, rather than Joe-the-Cat who has just become a haggard, diabetic, old man, a mere shadow of his former self over the time he’s dealt with these “visits”. (He is, after all, 17 years, which is what in cat-years, about 100?) Joe of course, is the one who has “seen” the most. Well, we got our answer. Stoop scrambled. She couldn’t get out of the room fast enough, paws and claws scraping on bare floor trying to get a footing to escape. That’s why Bob thought she might have awakened me, the mad scrabbling on the floor. She didn’t bark or whine, just got the hell out of there. And Nuttah had arrived to say something to Bob, as she came and grasped his hand with both of hers saying: “kpëmawsi”.

A new Lenape word said to Bob: kpëmawsi

“Well, I don’t think I even have to look this up”, I said, pretty sure that I knew what it meant. “Do you? Was there anything else conveyed as she said it?” I wondered.

“No, that was pretty much it, and just as quick she was gone”. Bob said.

I took the napkin with the words in to the computer to check on There really isn’t “words”, it is just one word, spelled a bunch of different ways as Bob tries to sound out and spell the foreign and ancient language that he is hearing. kpëmawsi. I’ve added a scan of the napkin with his progression of the word as he tried to understand it. He actually got it right in the 2nd variation. And it’s meaning?

You live.

Yes, he lives. He lives because they saved him. He would have been killed by the drunk driver careening through the intersection, bottoming out, sparks flying, not even making it much further as Bob was to find out later. But at least he crashed himself and not Bob. And why not Bob? Because Bob’s brakes were applied by some other force, stopping him in about 20 feet before certain-fatal contact would have been made. It’s hard to write that, knowing what could have happened. Bob went through the weekend with an air of unreality about the whole thing, hardly believing he is still here, and kpëmawsi – he lives! We are so thankful for their intervening on his behalf. Life-changing hardly begins to describe it.

February 10, 2012

Event #299: Bob’s experience Friday morning, Feb. 10

A series of events occurred during February, beginning with this email below from Bob, on Feb. 10. We are still trying to understand and grasp the magnitude of this event, but it’s pretty clear from the email that Bob’s life was saved… read on:

Had a very interesting occurrence on way in this morning….I think [it was] an intervention. Where else, but at the intersection where I’ve had past “events”. I was cruising off the bypass at 50 mph heading to a green light at the intersection. As I was approaching it my car suddenly started to brake, as though I was standing on the brakes, [but] I wasn’t. Anti lock kicked in and as it stopped, spilling some, but not all of my coffee (tragedy averted), [my] seatbelt locked up holding me in place. [And then a] car ran a complete red light on edison furlong. Pretty good chance we would have had a chance meeting. Could have messed up my day, not to mention my car. Severe adrenalin rush after I realized what happened. Would have been at least a 50 mph collision if I hit him, but I think he would have hit me, he was flying, he must have been drunk because he bottomed out crossing the intersection. I DID NOT touch the brakes.

And my response to Bob: Wow, that intervention is just INSANE! But thank god they are looking out for you — Geez, I’m glad you’re okay. How on earth does this happen? Before you saw the reason for it, what went through your mind that was going on with your car, since you weren’t the one making it brake? Was this other car coming from the left? And how did he negotiate any kind of turn or did he just go straight through. Wow, that is just wild, they are seriously looking out for you, “They” probably saw a sure collision coming and yeah – intervened on your behalf. Thank God, or thank Nuttah and her down-county relatives, there is definitely SOMETHING going on there. I think I would have been so shook up, I wouldn’t be able to drive onward. I’m glad you’re alive to tell that tale! That is just incredible, hopefully if it ever happened anywhere else, they’d be there for you then too. Have you told anyone else about it?

As I post this today, it is now Feb. 22. This occurred therefore, 12 days ago – and every event that has happened since, has something to do with that “near miss”. I will be posting those events shortly. Basically, what it appears to be, is a clear ‘intervention’ on Bob’s behalf, preventing a certain fatal accident.

Monday, I wrote Bob this follow up email: Every time I think about what could have happened Friday I get chills. I’m so glad you are here to talk about it. It’s interesting though, they did change the course of history by doing that. How many times has [an action like] this influenced things in the past? (like world events) How will it influence the future? (And do you think it’s happened to you before?)

February 8, 2012

Event #298: February 8, 2012

To keep up with that late-night radio program which I frequently quote and refer to, Coast to Coast AM, I have purchased an iPod and become a Coast to Coast “Insider”. All that really means is that I can download past programs from their archives, and listen at my leisure (and without commercials). I am, therefore, slowly catching up with past shows, and recently listened to one from January 17th, 2012. It featured a regular guest named Whitley Strieber, and the reason I am bringing this up now, is because he mentioned, yet again, the odd, unexplainable sounds that are being heard throughout the world. People have come up with various ways to describe these sounds, that are occurring in the US, Sweden, Costa Rica, Malaysia, among others. Some of the theories are underground mechanical work, plates of the earth adjusting/moving, precipitating earthquakes… Mr Strieber was the first one I heard mention a theory that the sounds could be emanating from a  “Parallel world”. Because that of course brings us to our sound – which apparently is coming from a parallel world. I remember when I first started hearing it, I thought it was the sound of an unexplainable distant motor. Over the year that I’ve heard it, I have slowly become aware of the subtleties of this sound. Here are a couple of emails back and forth between me and Bob for the past couple of days:

Email from Bob, Tuesday, Feb. 7:

Woke to drums and flute, with rattle accompaniment. Came downstairs to Nuttah and elders in stove room, just acknowledged their presence and went about my routine.

Mine back to Bob: Heard the drums last night too, on a couple of occasions I have also thought I heard rattles.

Then today, Feb. 8th, Bob sent me this email:

I went to bed to drums so loud last night I thought it was in the crawlspace, actually got up and looked. Heard it over the sound of the TV and with TV off. But nothing else. Other than yesterday morning with simply the “presence” of Nuttah, which I am thankful for, and the two old joints, there isn’t much going on, of course that is a relative statement. You just never seem to be able to grasp what they are trying to accomplish, I always feel I am falling way short of expectation, of course I may feel that way because I have been told I am WAY short of expectations.

Mine back to Bob: I heard the drums too, LOUD, while I was washing up. I was going to ask you when you woke up around midnight if you heard them too, but you were asleep by the time I came up.

And then tonight, I was listening to another pod-cast of Coast-2-Coast, slowly, ever so slowly trying to get caught up. Luckily (I guess), I spend a lot of time in the car. This program was from January 26, and featured a regular guest on Coast by the name of Linda Moulton Howe. I first heard Linda on C2C sometime in the 90’s. She has been on for a long time and she runs a very informative website called Earth Files. You may be interested in checking it out, here is the link to EarthFiles. I’m bringing up Linda, because sometime in Hour 4, I believe, they started talking about the strange sounds. In this case, there was a recent reporting of them in Tennessee. The person reported them sounding like a “chorus of trumpets”. Not too different really than a battery of drums, flutes, rattles, is it? Parallel world? Who knows. In our experience, it is easily as good an explanation as any.

I also just happened to notice on the “Upcoming C2C Shows” that Linda will be featured on Feb. 23 in a show called, guess what: Unexplained Sounds. That’s pretty exciting – there will be a whole C2C show about the sounds – I wonder if maybe I should email Linda about yet another one, as yet unmentioned on her website. I’m sure after Feb. 23, I will be offering more information here on the blog about “strange sounds.”

February 2, 2012

Event #297: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bob had mentioned during our nightly phone call that he was hearing the drums again in the bedroom. So, as I do every night, I came home and checked the dresser, and this time was surprised to see there had been some movement. It had been awhile. I don’t have a picture of the way things were before this arrangement, all I can say is that the day we had company in early January, all characters had been put on a tray and brought upstairs to be hidden on the dresser in our bedroom. Most likely, nobody would look there and ask a question. And they’d been there that way, nothing moving, since January 7 when we took it all upstairs.

So the next morning, here is an excerpt from my email to Bob: “There was movement last night on the dresser, lots of character movement, will type that up tonight and include a picture.” And below is the picture. There is so much going on here that it requires a little explanation, and since I do roughly remember the way things were before, I think I can comment on the changes. Nuttah has moved her character over to be with Bob. The trajectory of where she “gazes” would be toward the bed. The Duke/Tëme pair have been moved forward, and my Mom was brought from a shelf off in the corner to sit right next to them. Behind all is the bark-hut, my character and the she-wolf. In the photograph, it makes things look like I’m further forward than I am, and since I have lost my ‘doll-stand’, my character is upright only because I am wedged by the tray against the wall. Some comment on the flora: There still remains on the dresser some of the clover that was left by Nuttah on my computer keyboard in December. It is, of course, dried out by now, but it actually dried pretty intact, as you can see by the still-purple clover in the lower right of the picture. Two turtles sit at the very front of the arrangement, but they were in that position before. Heart-charms are still on the tray, but they didn’t move this time. I am left wondering what it all means. This comment I am adding after I’ve already published the post, as I then looked at how the picture came across on the blog when I posted it. It was then that I noticed that the green tray everything is on (it is a football field tray) says “TIME”. There are other words before that (probably FOOTBALL), but the only one left exposed is the word “TIME!”.

The night of Feb. 1, our characters were all rearranged on the dresser in our "new" bedroom