Event #297: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bob had mentioned during our nightly phone call that he was hearing the drums again in the bedroom. So, as I do every night, I came home and checked the dresser, and this time was surprised to see there had been some movement. It had been awhile. I don’t have a picture of the way things were before this arrangement, all I can say is that the day we had company in early January, all characters had been put on a tray and brought upstairs to be hidden on the dresser in our bedroom. Most likely, nobody would look there and ask a question. And they’d been there that way, nothing moving, since January 7 when we took it all upstairs.

So the next morning, here is an excerpt from my email to Bob: “There was movement last night on the dresser, lots of character movement, will type that up tonight and include a picture.” And below is the picture. There is so much going on here that it requires a little explanation, and since I do roughly remember the way things were before, I think I can comment on the changes. Nuttah has moved her character over to be with Bob. The trajectory of where she “gazes” would be toward the bed. The Duke/Tëme pair have been moved forward, and my Mom was brought from a shelf off in the corner to sit right next to them. Behind all is the bark-hut, my character and the she-wolf. In the photograph, it makes things look like I’m further forward than I am, and since I have lost my ‘doll-stand’, my character is upright only because I am wedged by the tray against the wall. Some comment on the flora: There still remains on the dresser some of the clover that was left by Nuttah on my computer keyboard in December. It is, of course, dried out by now, but it actually dried pretty intact, as you can see by the still-purple clover in the lower right of the picture. Two turtles sit at the very front of the arrangement, but they were in that position before. Heart-charms are still on the tray, but they didn’t move this time. I am left wondering what it all means. This comment I am adding after I’ve already published the post, as I then looked at how the picture came across on the blog when I posted it. It was then that I noticed that the green tray everything is on (it is a football field tray) says “TIME”. There are other words before that (probably FOOTBALL), but the only one left exposed is the word “TIME!”.

The night of Feb. 1, our characters were all rearranged on the dresser in our "new" bedroom


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