Event #298: February 8, 2012

To keep up with that late-night radio program which I frequently quote and refer to, Coast to Coast AM, I have purchased an iPod and become a Coast to Coast “Insider”. All that really means is that I can download past programs from their archives, and listen at my leisure (and without commercials). I am, therefore, slowly catching up with past shows, and recently listened to one from January 17th, 2012. It featured a regular guest named Whitley Strieber, and the reason I am bringing this up now, is because he mentioned, yet again, the odd, unexplainable sounds that are being heard throughout the world. People have come up with various ways to describe these sounds, that are occurring in the US, Sweden, Costa Rica, Malaysia, among others. Some of the theories are underground mechanical work, plates of the earth adjusting/moving, precipitating earthquakes… Mr Strieber was the first one I heard mention a theory that the sounds could be emanating from a  “Parallel world”. Because that of course brings us to our sound – which apparently is coming from a parallel world. I remember when I first started hearing it, I thought it was the sound of an unexplainable distant motor. Over the year that I’ve heard it, I have slowly become aware of the subtleties of this sound. Here are a couple of emails back and forth between me and Bob for the past couple of days:

Email from Bob, Tuesday, Feb. 7:

Woke to drums and flute, with rattle accompaniment. Came downstairs to Nuttah and elders in stove room, just acknowledged their presence and went about my routine.

Mine back to Bob: Heard the drums last night too, on a couple of occasions I have also thought I heard rattles.

Then today, Feb. 8th, Bob sent me this email:

I went to bed to drums so loud last night I thought it was in the crawlspace, actually got up and looked. Heard it over the sound of the TV and with TV off. But nothing else. Other than yesterday morning with simply the “presence” of Nuttah, which I am thankful for, and the two old joints, there isn’t much going on, of course that is a relative statement. You just never seem to be able to grasp what they are trying to accomplish, I always feel I am falling way short of expectation, of course I may feel that way because I have been told I am WAY short of expectations.

Mine back to Bob: I heard the drums too, LOUD, while I was washing up. I was going to ask you when you woke up around midnight if you heard them too, but you were asleep by the time I came up.

And then tonight, I was listening to another pod-cast of Coast-2-Coast, slowly, ever so slowly trying to get caught up. Luckily (I guess), I spend a lot of time in the car. This program was from January 26, and featured a regular guest on Coast by the name of Linda Moulton Howe. I first heard Linda on C2C sometime in the 90’s. She has been on for a long time and she runs a very informative website called Earth Files. You may be interested in checking it out, here is the link to EarthFiles. I’m bringing up Linda, because sometime in Hour 4, I believe, they started talking about the strange sounds. In this case, there was a recent reporting of them in Tennessee. The person reported them sounding like a “chorus of trumpets”. Not too different really than a battery of drums, flutes, rattles, is it? Parallel world? Who knows. In our experience, it is easily as good an explanation as any.

I also just happened to notice on the “Upcoming C2C Shows” that Linda will be featured on Feb. 23 in a show called, guess what: Unexplained Sounds. That’s pretty exciting – there will be a whole C2C show about the sounds – I wonder if maybe I should email Linda about yet another one, as yet unmentioned on her website. I’m sure after Feb. 23, I will be offering more information here on the blog about “strange sounds.”


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