Event #299: Bob’s experience Friday morning, Feb. 10

A series of events occurred during February, beginning with this email below from Bob, on Feb. 10. We are still trying to understand and grasp the magnitude of this event, but it’s pretty clear from the email that Bob’s life was saved… read on:

Had a very interesting occurrence on way in this morning….I think [it was] an intervention. Where else, but at the intersection where I’ve had past “events”. I was cruising off the bypass at 50 mph heading to a green light at the intersection. As I was approaching it my car suddenly started to brake, as though I was standing on the brakes, [but] I wasn’t. Anti lock kicked in and as it stopped, spilling some, but not all of my coffee (tragedy averted), [my] seatbelt locked up holding me in place. [And then a] car ran a complete red light on edison furlong. Pretty good chance we would have had a chance meeting. Could have messed up my day, not to mention my car. Severe adrenalin rush after I realized what happened. Would have been at least a 50 mph collision if I hit him, but I think he would have hit me, he was flying, he must have been drunk because he bottomed out crossing the intersection. I DID NOT touch the brakes.

And my response to Bob: Wow, that intervention is just INSANE! But thank god they are looking out for you — Geez, I’m glad you’re okay. How on earth does this happen? Before you saw the reason for it, what went through your mind that was going on with your car, since you weren’t the one making it brake? Was this other car coming from the left? And how did he negotiate any kind of turn or did he just go straight through. Wow, that is just wild, they are seriously looking out for you, “They” probably saw a sure collision coming and yeah – intervened on your behalf. Thank God, or thank Nuttah and her down-county relatives, there is definitely SOMETHING going on there. I think I would have been so shook up, I wouldn’t be able to drive onward. I’m glad you’re alive to tell that tale! That is just incredible, hopefully if it ever happened anywhere else, they’d be there for you then too. Have you told anyone else about it?

As I post this today, it is now Feb. 22. This occurred therefore, 12 days ago – and every event that has happened since, has something to do with that “near miss”. I will be posting those events shortly. Basically, what it appears to be, is a clear ‘intervention’ on Bob’s behalf, preventing a certain fatal accident.

Monday, I wrote Bob this follow up email: Every time I think about what could have happened Friday I get chills. I’m so glad you are here to talk about it. It’s interesting though, they did change the course of history by doing that. How many times has [an action like] this influenced things in the past? (like world events) How will it influence the future? (And do you think it’s happened to you before?)


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