Event #302: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

kenamëwakàn kpëmawsi - "Thankfully, you are alive"

Tuesday night (Valentine’s Day) I came home from work to find another napkin on the coffee table with Lenape words written on it. (Gotta remember to put out better paper, these napkins do not produce the best scans) Also, when I went upstairs to check the dresser, there was a change with the characters. I’ll take a picture tomorrow morning. I did write Bob an email to ask him when this “event” occurred. My suspicion is that something happened after we hung up the phone that evening, as Bob had not mentioned anything.

I wrote an email to Bob that night about it: “When did you write that napkin? Was it after you talked to me? There is a change on the dresser too. I was able to translate your word — one of the spellings was right on, but when did that happen and was there anything else?”

In the morning, 2/15, I had this email back from Bob:
I was in bed last night after talking to you when I heard Stoop scramble and whine like a 2 year-old. Got up and as soon as I started down the stairs I knew Nuttah was there, as well as someone else, but I don’t know who. She just held my hand, very tightly, which is a very odd sensation when you can’t see anything doing it. I got a clear word of “kpëmawsi“, or however it is spelled and another word of something like “kenamëwakàn“, very clear, but I don’t know what it means. It didn’t sound like it was bad though. And then everyone was gone, in an instant. Stoop came back like nothing happened and jumped back on the chair ignoring me.

Then mine: The word Nuttah was saying means literally, “Thankfulness”. I guess the phrase then could have meant “We are thankful that you live” or “We are thankful that you are alive“, or “Thankfully you live“.

Kenamëwakàn kpemawsi. I am very grateful that they saved Bob. Obviously, things could have been very different, had it not been for their intervention. For Bob, everything since has a rather surreal air about it. There was also a new arrangement on the dresser, that kind of echoes that, and I’ve included it below. If you compare this to the recent picture in event #301, our characters are all more tightly scrunched together, and Nuttah has positioned herself between Bob and I. We are all bunched in front of the Duke/Tëme character:

The 2nd new arrangement after Bob's life is saved


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