A woman’s prophetic dream – the first one

Shortly after Bob’s first “Near-death-experience” (2/10/12), the one where his car was violently braked FOR him to avoid a collision with a drunk driver at 4 AM, a woman at work approached him. This is a woman from another country, Laos, I believe. She does not speak English well, if at all, and the message she needed to give Bob had to be translated to him through other employees that do speak both languages. The message she needed to get to him, which she felt important enough to make all the effort for, came to her in the form of a dream. In the dream, a woman came to tell HER something. The Lao woman perceived the person delivering the dream message to be Bob’s mother (who is deceased). Here is the email Bob sent me about this dream:

Feb. 22, email from Bob:

“Here is something interesting: Thom (the guy I call “my crew”) just told me that one of the women upstairs told him to tell me that my Mom visited her in her dreams the past 3 nights to tell her to tell me to be careful, that I cannot be “saved” all places and all times. They do all they can. Pretty weird, I have probably spoken 10 words to this woman in past 5 years.”

My email back to Bob:  “Wow, that’s pretty wild. I was wondering that myself – all places all times? Can you ask her how your Mom appeared? Did you tell Thom (your crew) about what happened that Friday?

Bob said he had not mentioned his near-death-experience to anyone at work, he was just too freaked out by it. Later, he asked the woman to come downstairs to the plant office with the translator. On his computer, he had found a picture he happened to have of his mother and all her (8) siblings, but the picture was taken in probably the 1940’s when his mother was in her early 20’s. He left it up on his computer screen. When the Laotian woman came in, she walked right up to the computer and pointed at Bob’s mother, picking her out of more than a dozen people in the picture.

“HER! This woman — this is the woman that came to me in the dream — she dresses ‘old’, but she is young.” was what the woman said as translated by Bob’s ‘crew’.

By “old”, she meant she dresses in an old style, the style of the 1940’s. The best I can make of this whole odd new development is this:  A woman who is very remotely much closer to Nuttah’s culture than we are, presumably with more attunement to the spiritual world, is contacted by Bob’s deceased mother in a dream to deliver him a message: BE CAREFUL. They were there for you then, but you cannot be saved in all places at all times. This woman having the dream had no knowledge of Bob’s experience driving in early that Friday morning. She had no knowledge of what Bob’s mother looked like. Like Bob said, “I’ve probably spoken 10 words to this woman in the past 5 years.” It is obvious, though, that this message was important enough for Bob’s deceased mother to find a way to convey it to him, even through someone that doesn’t even speak the language. This amazes me as much as so many of the other events of the past 2 years. Bob is heeding the message, but is not sure what exactly he can do differently.


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