Tuesday morning, February 28, 2012

I don’t mention this every time it happens anymore, because it is a pretty common “event”, but the sounds – especially at night in the bathroom, have become more and more frequent. It’s almost like the bathroom, the smallest room in our house, has become a sort of “portal”. Believe it or not, I have actually tried to meditate with the sound, but I’m so bad at that, I lose patience in about 30 seconds. I try to do it longer, but I’m really bad with “brain-chatter” as it were and I can’t shut my head up. It’s always nagging at me about something. I probably should take this opportunity and work with it, and listened last night to a C2C guest, who is apparently offering a FREE download about how to meditate. I will also put the link here, in case anyone else wants to. The show was in the archives, it actually aired on Feb. 14, I believe, since I’m still trying to “catch up”. The past 2 nights, the sound of muffled drumming was overwhelming. Sometimes I think it will keep me up, but I always do manage to get to sleep over it. The pillow also muffles it somewhat. The bathroom is right next to our small bedroom, so there is kind of an overlap. I note this, because I think when it gets really loud like that, we are supposed to take notice, but I never know of what?

There is also something else going on right now, and has been since about a week after Bob’s life-saving event. I have not caught up with all those posts yet, I’m only up to Feb. 15, and you can see that today is the 28th. And things are happening so fast and so often that if I don’t post almost daily, it is going to get away from me very quickly. Apparently that event, even though we were aware of the magnitude of it, was even more so than I think we can realize or comprehend. I’m pretty aware of a sense of disappointment about how little we seem to be able to comprehend. But the event has brought in other people that we did not know were involved in this, and I’m sure they didn’t know either, and are not sure why they are now.  I’m beginning to think that all the people in your life are there for a reason. We are all connected in some way, and stay connected in this and perhaps future lives for reasons we are not conscious of. I also think it’s important to find out how we are all connected. I’m not saying I’m making it my life’s mission, but I wish I could. So stay tuned… there are more fascinating posts to come.

And here is that meditation link, courtesy of Coast to Coast guest, “futurist and researcher in non-local consciousness”, Stephan Schwartz. The show was about “Non-Local Consciousness”. I have not read the article yet, but I think this is a new path that is being pointed out to me. I am also open to any thoughts or ideas others might have about meditation or any of the events in the blog.

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