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March 31, 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

One of the reasons that I’ve been hesitant to pull together all of the posts of the past month, besides those reasons that I’ve already stated, is that things became somewhat macabre and, well, just downright scary. It was both difficult to absorb and to write about, especially because there was a part of me that wanted to deny what was happening and the meaning of it. There still is. But having given myself the last month to think about it, I can now better portray, or at least I hope I can, the gist of what went on. It has to do with Bob, and a couple of near death experiences. And then, being given, through various means that will be divulged, the knowledge that these experiences were no mere coincidence, that there was a plan, a design, part of a greater picture perhaps, or maybe even something that was happening in one of the possibly many parallel worlds. Which is why I threw in that interview with the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. I’m going to spend some time this week pulling together all of the emails, conversations, thoughts and scrawled notes that piled up since Feb. 10, the date of the first NDE, or Near Death Experience. I hope I can finish. I don’t pretend to know what ANY of it means — I can only say that I know that it is happening, continues to happen, that there is regular evidence in the form of physical changes of our dioramas, and then the inclusion of a person that would substantiate and corroborate all that was presented to Bob from the — from the WHERE? Where is this coming from? For lack of a better explanation, from the parallel world that has now become a regular overlap into OUR world, such that we now believe that all time-frames are possibly concurrently happening and that a connection, between at least 2 of them, has been established.

The “HOW” that she was able to do that might forever remain a mystery. Or, we might be given that information, but be unable to understand it; far too complex, too “out of the realm” of things that our brains are wired to conceive. I think that is more than the better part of the problem here: our brains are wired for only 3 dimensions, yet we know, at least theoretically, that there are 11 dimensions, so perhaps we just can’t see the obvious right in front of or around us. Would a fish necessarily know about the world outside of the surface of the water? Maybe there is something like that going on that we just can’t see, and can’t even conceive of. An infinite number of parallel worlds, an infinite number of instances of yourself: pretty “out-of-the-realm” concepts to deal with, but perhaps not entirely theoretically impossible. And I sure did not think 2 years ago that I would be going down this path in my thought process.

March 30, 2012

Another Dream – Prophetic?

Bob wrote me this email on Friday, March 23, 6:40 AM:
Not sure where to start. I had some dreams last night. Part of it was emphasis on the garden and learning about growing food and sustaining on our own. (The link there would take you to a prior post about when we were shown “Three Sisters Agriculture” a year ago). Nuttah and the elder joints were very emphatic about this. They also showed what I think is a potential world to come. It is not pretty. It looked like martial law and/or civil war here. Total breakdown. Pretty scary. I don’t need that. I think it is all over the western world. The elders kept showing me a bow and arrow.
I also was shown my nemesis, man does he look sinister. I may be wrong about him being Vietnamese. He may be “native”, like central america/mexico. Got a close look at him. Strong looking, stocky and sinister. Young, maybe late 20’s. At least I know what to look for.

My email to Bob, 8:30, 3/23: Sounds downright sinister and awful. All of it. I hope we don’t now have to become doomsday preppers. However, I suppose we may be forced to. Bow & arrow not a bad idea, cause ammo may be unattainable. and learn to throw like Ria.

(Ria was a character in the “Entangled” book we both read about characters that met from different time periods, similar to what is going on here)

My Lenape Mom, Nuttah, and the Duke/Teme pair with a heart on Bob’s bedside table, the same night he had a dream where my Mom “spoke” to him about the warnings.

Then on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, Bob wrote this email: Slept in a drugged state but had a weird-ass dream. Your Mom, only looking like Lenape, talked to me by a fire outside a long house. Told me (in Lenape) to be aware, always aware. Times MAY get difficult. My daughter needs you if things happen.  Be as you were here (their place) and no man can kill you. WTH DOES THAT MEAN?? I wish someone would be more specific, I’m not good with figuring shit out.  Guess who had the same dream, she said it was like watching a movie. The Lao woman, and she came right to me on the first floor to tell me her dream; she came to me as soon as she got here, she has never been on the first floor before.

Me, March 28, 9 AM; I figured there was something with my Mom, as when I came in last night, I noticed her character was on your bedside table with the dups. (Dog-pups) Is my Mom Nuttah’s grandmother? I wish I knew what any of it meant, the subtleties go beyond me. How did the woman at work describe my Mom? Who did she think she was in the scenario?

Now since I am writing all this up so many months later, it is interesting to try to speculate on what was going on. The one thing that seems to be an overriding theme is the one of disaster/destruction/world chaos/doomsday. I hate to acknowledge that what seem to be paranormal events could be a way to warn us of a future world. If we don’t do WHAT? Or maybe there is nothing that we can do. The doomsday preppers may have it right — and this is a thought that I have resisted until now. It is not in my nature to feel this negative about our future, and I never have before now. However, it seems that the messages are pretty clear, and to ignore it could be at the least naive, and possibly very dangerous. Are figures from our past coming forward to warn us of a future that we can avoid, or a future that is a certainty? Is this what the message has been to us all along, why Nuttah often seemed fretful, fearful, often came across to Bob like she was imparting a dire warning? (I must admit, I really wanted to ignore that part, but it was there from the very beginning).

Then, early this year, I became a full time Coast to Coast AM listener, when I had to give up my towpath dog. I listen now to podcasts of the show on an iPod as I do my morning exercise, and also on my lengthy rides to and from work. I get about 3 hours of it a day this way. (The show airs overnight from 1 am to 5 am Eastern, so one would almost have to listen to replays.) It has, unfortunately, opened my eyes to the, what I now feel, could be the inevitability of a future that might be very difficult. “Coast” is not your normal “press” or “media”. They host mostly unbiased, apolitical guests who have intimate knowledge of a wide array of topics from economic, to weather, to the paranormal,  to life-after-death, to extra-terrestrial, possible government conspiracies, our loss of rights as citizens, the agenda of the “powers-that-be”, and the loss of privacy in a world where even an appliance we bring into our home can be “spying” on us — and again, the overriding theme in 6 months of pretty steady listening, unfortunately, echoes the message being brought to us from “the past”: We are in trouble. It is undeniable, and it is becoming clearer and clearer — if you don’t open your eyes to the impending possibilities, you could be caught up in the mayhem.

Wormhole / Portal: Has it opened up a passageway for Evil to enter?

And the message being delivered to us by a group that lived successfully without government as we know it, is to prepare: understand, get ready, develop skills, save seeds, learn to grow, learn to hunt, fish, shoot, learn to protect, and learn to live — basically, like a Lenape.  I think we will need to know. We may lose power not for weeks or months, but for years. What would you do if you were not ready? And how DO you prepare for something like that? And how does it affect the way you live your life now, in today’s world? And how temporary is that? I think we have to look around, look for the signs, the indicators, the things that will be clues to the “event”. Unfortunately, I think it may all be there, lining up very efficiently for something catastrophic. It may be a natural disaster, it may be man-made, but it’s inevitability seems certain. The “perfect storm”. I will try to be more upbeat in my next post, but now with the entry of this new character into Bob’s life, we are left to wonder: What is it, what does it mean, does it portend danger to him in the “real” world, is it even real? I don’t know.  And could it be that a so-called “portal”, that opened up to let Nuttah pass to our world and visit, also let in other characters that have less than good intentions?

March 26, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Okay, I know I said that I have lots to report, but time has gotten the better of me and I dropped the ball. This past month I increased my employment work-load, and I just haven’t been able to sit in front of the computer anymore when I come home; my eyes and brain are just fried. And Bob and I have been really busy doing spring clean-up, since spring arrived about a month early here. Things just don’t let up. However, the activity has not let up either, and I’ve made a promise to myself that I will spend time this week on it no matter how much other things pull at me. I wanted to share part of a Coast to Coast interview, though, between the host, George Noory, and a guest, Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist. One of the smartest people in the world, I believe, and someone that tries to make physics and his theories accessible to people like me who think it’s beyond my capabilities to understand.

This was from the show of March 12, 2012.

Caller: I have a personal thing that I’ve thought about. What if you die in this life and you haven’t yet learned what you needed to learn in this life? What’s to say you’re not sent to another universe, or another dimension, or another earth where everything is the same except you’re still alive?

George: Well, if you believe in the concept of reincarnation, you can simply say that you keep coming back until you’ve reached perfection, simple as that. I guess there could be other dimensions that exist like us, can’t there?

Michio: Yeah, it’s possible that in an alternate universe where one quantum event has shifted our universe and separated us, that a loved one didn’t have to die. Some of our loved ones could still be alive in another universe. That’s well within the laws of physics, this is called the “Many Worlds Theory”. Which means that Elvis Presley could still be alive in another parallel universe, that quantum events in our universe separate us from the universe where Elvis Presley is still alive and some of our loved ones didn’t have to die. Now of course, communicating with these other parallel universes is extremely difficult. However, the fact that these other universes have peeled off from our universe, is based on a theory of quantum mechanics called “Many Worlds”. It’s a theory that we actually teach at the graduate level at our leading universities and it does mean that the universe is constantly splitting apart; a universe is splitting from our universe, so there are carbon copies of you, except there is a little twist; something a little different; you married somebody different, you went to a different university, you chose a different occupation… and this is well within the laws of physics. In fact it’s called the “Many worlds theory”.

Now me just narrating: This theory, I believe, is what explains Nuttah and her existence in OUR world. And the fact that her Lenape tribe is still here in the same spot that we occupy, except in a different parallel world. It’s not only “theoretically” possible, it IS possible. And she, by whatever means, has found that way to communicate between these parallel worlds: Yes, extremely difficult, but not impossible!

March 17, 2012

The first appearance of “The Evil One”

And then we move on to something very different that started happening in early March. That was the first inkling of it, and these events actually caused me to just stop writing about it. A couple of reasons: I’ve already mentioned the time factor, and I won’t belabor that point, however, it was (is) a factor. Part of that though, is just Bob and me taking more time to enjoy ourselves together. It is not, by any means, all work and no play. (Though sometimes it feels like that and I think just about any working person could relate) But the other reason, and perhaps even more prevalent, was I just didn’t want to bring any more attention to something so odd and potentially evil, as if to do that would make it real, or even worse, make it happen. Up to that point, more than 2 years into our “events”, we’d really been dealing mostly with Nuttah, and people or animals that she introduced. This one, fortunately, seemed completely disconnected from Nuttah.  It started with a dream Bob had on March 14, 2012:

Bob writes me this email on March 14, 6:30 AM

I had the most bizarre dream last night during my tortured sleep. There was this guy that looked like he might have been Vietnamese, a real wise ass; he was sent on a mission to kill me in all of my “lives”, nice guy. His first attempt in this one failed, I think he was successful in others. After he failed (tried to shoot me with high powered rifle), he confronted me and said he would succeed. He was a real asshole. He pissed me off, I’ll keep description of dream short, I decided I would turn the table on him and go after him. I ended up finding him as he thought he was following me and beat him to death with his rifle butt. Alarm was going off as I was putting the rifle down beside him. He was a real asshole. Really weird dream. Heard loud bass drum and rattle while struggling to go to sleep last night.

Me, 3/14 at 9 AM:  That dream was weird. I hope that it was not prophetic. You seem to be getting all these warnings. Then there is the faction that is working to warn you and keep you alive, perhaps against the one that is trying to kill you in all of your lives. Stranger than fiction. Make sure Paulo [person at Bob’s work] doesn’t also have it in for you, did he look like the wise-ass? I’d be curious if the woman upstairs has something to tell you today.

Of course we wondered if this dream was just a random dream or was it related to our “events”?

Sprigs of early Snowdrops appear on my keyboard on March 17

Then on Saturday, March 17th, I came into my office to find flowers lying wilting on my keyboard. These are the first of the early spring flowers, and since we had such an unusually warm winter, I think they popped out even earlier this year. They are the Snow Drops. Then, the same day, Bob reports having contact with Nuttah while he is building the fire that morning. He says it is just concern and “nuxa”? I have to look this up from the early days – Bob says he hasn’t heard it in a long time. (It means “Father”). While I was out the morning of the 17th, I took the foggy picture below,  and also returned with some flowers which I  put in a small glass in front of Nuttah on our dresser. Later when I checked, the flowers were gone.

A picture taken in the fog of March 17, 2012

March 8, 2012

Dreams: Early March

A few days later, the Lao woman from upstairs at Bob’s work has another prophetic dream:

I get this email from Bob: March 6th, 2012: Just got told by my crew that the woman upstairs wanted to see me. She wanted to contact me last night when she woke (funny, I had a dream that someone was trying to call me in the middle of the night) . I’ll have to see what this is about later today.

My email back to Bob: I had a feeling when I came home that something was “up”. I expected this morning to see an email from you about an event. Also, there is the biggest change on the dresser since awhile. Kate’s character moved into the scene too. Wonder if what you hear has something to do with her? Also, major drumming going on, heard even here at my desk, which is very unusual. I’m really curious what the woman wants to tell you.

And then I had to wait 2 days to find out, because Bob didn’t have a chance to speak to her that day; things in production were too hectic. I was more than curious:

March 8, 7 PM: I spoke to the woman upstairs today. She told me the woman/girl that looks like her people [Nuttah} and an animal came to her (had to bring up animals on my phone to show her) but I said, in her language “maà”,which is “dog”, she said “yes, but not dog”. I then showed her a wolf, of course, it was both. She was confused by that. I told her I understood, she said, “I knew you would, he is your friend isn’t he?” The bottom line of her dream is the same: be careful, don’t be alone, something can happen. I jokingly said, “I have a cat”. Nobody understood. I asked, “Be careful of what? Many things?” She doesn’t know, she has trouble understanding. She wants me to talk to her husband, he is able to speak English. Thom says she is worried, scared. The dream scared her, she wanted to call me.

Then the next morning from Bob, March 9, 7:45 AM: Also heard a loud single drum last night, course that could’ve just been my head pounding! It is starting to get old, fast.

Me, 8:45: Interesting conversation with the woman upstairs. Can you try to get with her and her husband who could translate? What does she make of it all? What do you make of it? Is she taking this all in stride, like it’s a normal part of life?

I’m not sure what the Lao woman makes of any of this. But this is just the beginning…