Dreams: Early March

A few days later, the Lao woman from upstairs at Bob’s work has another prophetic dream:

I get this email from Bob: March 6th, 2012: Just got told by my crew that the woman upstairs wanted to see me. She wanted to contact me last night when she woke (funny, I had a dream that someone was trying to call me in the middle of the night) . I’ll have to see what this is about later today.

My email back to Bob: I had a feeling when I came home that something was “up”. I expected this morning to see an email from you about an event. Also, there is the biggest change on the dresser since awhile. Kate’s character moved into the scene too. Wonder if what you hear has something to do with her? Also, major drumming going on, heard even here at my desk, which is very unusual. I’m really curious what the woman wants to tell you.

And then I had to wait 2 days to find out, because Bob didn’t have a chance to speak to her that day; things in production were too hectic. I was more than curious:

March 8, 7 PM: I spoke to the woman upstairs today. She told me the woman/girl that looks like her people [Nuttah} and an animal came to her (had to bring up animals on my phone to show her) but I said, in her language “maà”,which is “dog”, she said “yes, but not dog”. I then showed her a wolf, of course, it was both. She was confused by that. I told her I understood, she said, “I knew you would, he is your friend isn’t he?” The bottom line of her dream is the same: be careful, don’t be alone, something can happen. I jokingly said, “I have a cat”. Nobody understood. I asked, “Be careful of what? Many things?” She doesn’t know, she has trouble understanding. She wants me to talk to her husband, he is able to speak English. Thom says she is worried, scared. The dream scared her, she wanted to call me.

Then the next morning from Bob, March 9, 7:45 AM: Also heard a loud single drum last night, course that could’ve just been my head pounding! It is starting to get old, fast.

Me, 8:45: Interesting conversation with the woman upstairs. Can you try to get with her and her husband who could translate? What does she make of it all? What do you make of it? Is she taking this all in stride, like it’s a normal part of life?

I’m not sure what the Lao woman makes of any of this. But this is just the beginning…


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