The first appearance of “The Evil One”

And then we move on to something very different that started happening in early March. That was the first inkling of it, and these events actually caused me to just stop writing about it. A couple of reasons: I’ve already mentioned the time factor, and I won’t belabor that point, however, it was (is) a factor. Part of that though, is just Bob and me taking more time to enjoy ourselves together. It is not, by any means, all work and no play. (Though sometimes it feels like that and I think just about any working person could relate) But the other reason, and perhaps even more prevalent, was I just didn’t want to bring any more attention to something so odd and potentially evil, as if to do that would make it real, or even worse, make it happen. Up to that point, more than 2 years into our “events”, we’d really been dealing mostly with Nuttah, and people or animals that she introduced. This one, fortunately, seemed completely disconnected from Nuttah.  It started with a dream Bob had on March 14, 2012:

Bob writes me this email on March 14, 6:30 AM

I had the most bizarre dream last night during my tortured sleep. There was this guy that looked like he might have been Vietnamese, a real wise ass; he was sent on a mission to kill me in all of my “lives”, nice guy. His first attempt in this one failed, I think he was successful in others. After he failed (tried to shoot me with high powered rifle), he confronted me and said he would succeed. He was a real asshole. He pissed me off, I’ll keep description of dream short, I decided I would turn the table on him and go after him. I ended up finding him as he thought he was following me and beat him to death with his rifle butt. Alarm was going off as I was putting the rifle down beside him. He was a real asshole. Really weird dream. Heard loud bass drum and rattle while struggling to go to sleep last night.

Me, 3/14 at 9 AM:  That dream was weird. I hope that it was not prophetic. You seem to be getting all these warnings. Then there is the faction that is working to warn you and keep you alive, perhaps against the one that is trying to kill you in all of your lives. Stranger than fiction. Make sure Paulo [person at Bob’s work] doesn’t also have it in for you, did he look like the wise-ass? I’d be curious if the woman upstairs has something to tell you today.

Of course we wondered if this dream was just a random dream or was it related to our “events”?

Sprigs of early Snowdrops appear on my keyboard on March 17

Then on Saturday, March 17th, I came into my office to find flowers lying wilting on my keyboard. These are the first of the early spring flowers, and since we had such an unusually warm winter, I think they popped out even earlier this year. They are the Snow Drops. Then, the same day, Bob reports having contact with Nuttah while he is building the fire that morning. He says it is just concern and “nuxa”? I have to look this up from the early days – Bob says he hasn’t heard it in a long time. (It means “Father”). While I was out the morning of the 17th, I took the foggy picture below,  and also returned with some flowers which I  put in a small glass in front of Nuttah on our dresser. Later when I checked, the flowers were gone.

A picture taken in the fog of March 17, 2012


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