Another Dream – Prophetic?

Bob wrote me this email on Friday, March 23, 6:40 AM:
Not sure where to start. I had some dreams last night. Part of it was emphasis on the garden and learning about growing food and sustaining on our own. (The link there would take you to a prior post about when we were shown “Three Sisters Agriculture” a year ago). Nuttah and the elder joints were very emphatic about this. They also showed what I think is a potential world to come. It is not pretty. It looked like martial law and/or civil war here. Total breakdown. Pretty scary. I don’t need that. I think it is all over the western world. The elders kept showing me a bow and arrow.
I also was shown my nemesis, man does he look sinister. I may be wrong about him being Vietnamese. He may be “native”, like central america/mexico. Got a close look at him. Strong looking, stocky and sinister. Young, maybe late 20’s. At least I know what to look for.

My email to Bob, 8:30, 3/23: Sounds downright sinister and awful. All of it. I hope we don’t now have to become doomsday preppers. However, I suppose we may be forced to. Bow & arrow not a bad idea, cause ammo may be unattainable. and learn to throw like Ria.

(Ria was a character in the “Entangled” book we both read about characters that met from different time periods, similar to what is going on here)

My Lenape Mom, Nuttah, and the Duke/Teme pair with a heart on Bob’s bedside table, the same night he had a dream where my Mom “spoke” to him about the warnings.

Then on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, Bob wrote this email: Slept in a drugged state but had a weird-ass dream. Your Mom, only looking like Lenape, talked to me by a fire outside a long house. Told me (in Lenape) to be aware, always aware. Times MAY get difficult. My daughter needs you if things happen.  Be as you were here (their place) and no man can kill you. WTH DOES THAT MEAN?? I wish someone would be more specific, I’m not good with figuring shit out.  Guess who had the same dream, she said it was like watching a movie. The Lao woman, and she came right to me on the first floor to tell me her dream; she came to me as soon as she got here, she has never been on the first floor before.

Me, March 28, 9 AM; I figured there was something with my Mom, as when I came in last night, I noticed her character was on your bedside table with the dups. (Dog-pups) Is my Mom Nuttah’s grandmother? I wish I knew what any of it meant, the subtleties go beyond me. How did the woman at work describe my Mom? Who did she think she was in the scenario?

Now since I am writing all this up so many months later, it is interesting to try to speculate on what was going on. The one thing that seems to be an overriding theme is the one of disaster/destruction/world chaos/doomsday. I hate to acknowledge that what seem to be paranormal events could be a way to warn us of a future world. If we don’t do WHAT? Or maybe there is nothing that we can do. The doomsday preppers may have it right — and this is a thought that I have resisted until now. It is not in my nature to feel this negative about our future, and I never have before now. However, it seems that the messages are pretty clear, and to ignore it could be at the least naive, and possibly very dangerous. Are figures from our past coming forward to warn us of a future that we can avoid, or a future that is a certainty? Is this what the message has been to us all along, why Nuttah often seemed fretful, fearful, often came across to Bob like she was imparting a dire warning? (I must admit, I really wanted to ignore that part, but it was there from the very beginning).

Then, early this year, I became a full time Coast to Coast AM listener, when I had to give up my towpath dog. I listen now to podcasts of the show on an iPod as I do my morning exercise, and also on my lengthy rides to and from work. I get about 3 hours of it a day this way. (The show airs overnight from 1 am to 5 am Eastern, so one would almost have to listen to replays.) It has, unfortunately, opened my eyes to the, what I now feel, could be the inevitability of a future that might be very difficult. “Coast” is not your normal “press” or “media”. They host mostly unbiased, apolitical guests who have intimate knowledge of a wide array of topics from economic, to weather, to the paranormal,  to life-after-death, to extra-terrestrial, possible government conspiracies, our loss of rights as citizens, the agenda of the “powers-that-be”, and the loss of privacy in a world where even an appliance we bring into our home can be “spying” on us — and again, the overriding theme in 6 months of pretty steady listening, unfortunately, echoes the message being brought to us from “the past”: We are in trouble. It is undeniable, and it is becoming clearer and clearer — if you don’t open your eyes to the impending possibilities, you could be caught up in the mayhem.

Wormhole / Portal: Has it opened up a passageway for Evil to enter?

And the message being delivered to us by a group that lived successfully without government as we know it, is to prepare: understand, get ready, develop skills, save seeds, learn to grow, learn to hunt, fish, shoot, learn to protect, and learn to live — basically, like a Lenape.  I think we will need to know. We may lose power not for weeks or months, but for years. What would you do if you were not ready? And how DO you prepare for something like that? And how does it affect the way you live your life now, in today’s world? And how temporary is that? I think we have to look around, look for the signs, the indicators, the things that will be clues to the “event”. Unfortunately, I think it may all be there, lining up very efficiently for something catastrophic. It may be a natural disaster, it may be man-made, but it’s inevitability seems certain. The “perfect storm”. I will try to be more upbeat in my next post, but now with the entry of this new character into Bob’s life, we are left to wonder: What is it, what does it mean, does it portend danger to him in the “real” world, is it even real? I don’t know.  And could it be that a so-called “portal”, that opened up to let Nuttah pass to our world and visit, also let in other characters that have less than good intentions?


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