Saturday, March 31, 2012

One of the reasons that I’ve been hesitant to pull together all of the posts of the past month, besides those reasons that I’ve already stated, is that things became somewhat macabre and, well, just downright scary. It was both difficult to absorb and to write about, especially because there was a part of me that wanted to deny what was happening and the meaning of it. There still is. But having given myself the last month to think about it, I can now better portray, or at least I hope I can, the gist of what went on. It has to do with Bob, and a couple of near death experiences. And then, being given, through various means that will be divulged, the knowledge that these experiences were no mere coincidence, that there was a plan, a design, part of a greater picture perhaps, or maybe even something that was happening in one of the possibly many parallel worlds. Which is why I threw in that interview with the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. I’m going to spend some time this week pulling together all of the emails, conversations, thoughts and scrawled notes that piled up since Feb. 10, the date of the first NDE, or Near Death Experience. I hope I can finish. I don’t pretend to know what ANY of it means — I can only say that I know that it is happening, continues to happen, that there is regular evidence in the form of physical changes of our dioramas, and then the inclusion of a person that would substantiate and corroborate all that was presented to Bob from the — from the WHERE? Where is this coming from? For lack of a better explanation, from the parallel world that has now become a regular overlap into OUR world, such that we now believe that all time-frames are possibly concurrently happening and that a connection, between at least 2 of them, has been established.

The “HOW” that she was able to do that might forever remain a mystery. Or, we might be given that information, but be unable to understand it; far too complex, too “out of the realm” of things that our brains are wired to conceive. I think that is more than the better part of the problem here: our brains are wired for only 3 dimensions, yet we know, at least theoretically, that there are 11 dimensions, so perhaps we just can’t see the obvious right in front of or around us. Would a fish necessarily know about the world outside of the surface of the water? Maybe there is something like that going on that we just can’t see, and can’t even conceive of. An infinite number of parallel worlds, an infinite number of instances of yourself: pretty “out-of-the-realm” concepts to deal with, but perhaps not entirely theoretically impossible. And I sure did not think 2 years ago that I would be going down this path in my thought process.


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