An Inter-Dimensional Being?

My mother’s character appears again, this time with a small bouquet of flowers and a heart.

Excerpt of my email to Bob, on April 5, 2012:  When I came home last night, I heard the buzzing and came up to find my Mom’s character on my bedside table. In front of her was the heart charm (that was hers) pointing at the bed and a little bouquet of flowers; purple violets, celandine and speedwell. I put them in water last night and some have sprung back. Interesting, because when I went to sleep the night before I made a mental appeal to my Mother to help me understand what was going on. Nothing yet except some odd dreams that I guess I should take note of. And of course, this. Then last night washing up, the buzzing sounded more like drumming.

Then the night of April 5, Bob told me this very odd story:

Bob had an appointment with a physical therapist for the shoulder problem that had happened in late January. This was just one more in this long chain of pointless medical appointments that Bob was less than thrilled with, because so far, he had found no solution to or relief from the problem. This appointment occurred at the orthopedic doctor’s office, and Bob was taken to a room by the therapist where the first, of what was to be several, physical therapy sessions were going to take place. The therapist got Bob situated on a table, and said she’d be right back. She then left the room. While she was gone, a small, Asian woman entered the therapy room. She seemed to Bob like any other employee of the place, dressed like them in scrubs, busying herself like them. She was doing things around the room that Bob was dimly aware of, but when nearer to him she said to Bob,

“The person that is looking for you is here.”

“What??”, Bob asked, surprised.

“He’s here. The person that is looking for you is here.” she said again.

“Who’s here?? Who’s looking for me?? Bob asked, startled, a chill creeping along his neck.

He sat up, but the woman had scuttled out of the room. Shortly after this, the therapist came back in, and Bob asked her who was the woman that came in while she was gone.

“What woman?”, asked the therapist.

Bob then described her: her Asian look, how she was dressed, all the details that he could remember. The therapist then replied, “Well, you are the last patient of the day, and there are only two of us here still and nobody that looks like that. In fact, nobody that looks like that works here any time of the day, so I’ve no idea WHO that was. Sorry.”

Bob laid there for the rest of his appointment wondering WHAT he had seen and what had just happened. Of course, he’s now thinking of the evil man from his dreams; “the person that is looking for you.” The one that wants to kill you in all of your lives. Bob texted me this later:

“The more I consider that encounter at the Physical Therapy joint, the weirder it is. Stuff b weird.

Excerpt of my email on April 6, 2012: That incident at the PT was VERY weird! And scary and freaky. It’s like the man in white suit in “Entangled”. He can take other guises, and follows you in other dimensions. Super weird and eery. I don’t like that at all. Ask the woman upstairs if she sensed anything?? After 3 nights of appealing to my mother, I only have a few dreams to go by, and nothing that seems consequential. Won’t stop me though. Do you FEEL any better after the PT though?

We were both left wondering about this episode: was the mysterious Asian woman a messenger of, or could she be that Evil one from the dreams in disguise? And is Bob safe anywhere, since this appearance was in a doctor’s office? The incident left us both shaken and wondering… what can they do to you coming from other dimensions, and how can you avoid them? And of course there were the words of warning echoing from Bob’s dream of just the prior evening: “Be aware of what is around you, you should not be alone. He will find you.

Bob was scheduled for future therapy sessions at the same place, but he cancelled the appointments and never went back, partially due to the fact that he felt it wasn’t working, but I believe part of it also because of the sheer bizarreness of this episode. I agreed with him, I did not want him to go back there.


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