Flowers that send a message: It’s planting time

A bouquet of Violets in a pewter vase in the guest room

On Saturday, April 7, we were preparing for Bob’s sister Rue to come spend the night. It was “jazz” night at a local pub and she likes to come out for that. We were making up the bed, and getting the bedroom in order, when I noticed something on the bedside table in the guest room. You guessed it: A bouquet of flowers. The thing that was notably different here, is that I think Nuttah has caught on to the fact that I always put her gifts of flowers in water. Because for the first time, these flowers were placed in a small vessel with water in it! The flowers were some early-blooming spring violets, the common blue violet that is everywhere around here in the early spring. In fact, I love them so much I have transplanted these to our property and they grow in our gardens. I probably didn’t have to do that, they would have found their way here anyway.

Beautiful, deliciously sweet-smelling, pink buds appear in a vase on my bedside table with Nuttah’s character.

Then a couple of days later, on Tuesday, April 10, I came in at night from work to find flowers on my own bedside table. The following morning, I received this email from Bob:

Before I forget to mention, I woke at about 9:30 last night, just shortly after falling asleep, to a clear sense of Nuttah being there. [She] actually startled me initially, seems like it is less frequent that she comes and hangs out. I attribute that to her being married now, though he seems not to be much in the picture, at least with regard to our interactions.

Me: She was definitely there – she left the pewter cup of water with a new sprig of flowers in it — looks like something from a flowering tree, not from our yard. Curious to see what they will be. I got home just after 9:30 I think. I came up shortly to our bedroom, and in the TV light, I could see that her character was now on my side of the bed – and the flowers were right in front of her. I’ll take a picture later. They’re pink buds, and smell great. Also heard loud drumming in bathroom and in bed. I don’t know if she was still there though, when I was. Could have been. You were asleep.

The buds on the actual Shad Tree (Bush) across the creek, April 11

Me, later: I was across the creek for a trout lily picture (they are all spent already, bummer), but on the way back, I noticed a Shad bush blooming. Then I took notice that the buds are the same as what she brought me last night – the pink aromatic buds in the pewter cup. I’ll send some pictures. I’m glad she’s putting our flowers in water now. Did you hear the drums too when you woke up?

Bob: I heard them at 9:30 last night. Very loud.

Then later, from Bob: Where the heck are these trees/bushes or whatever?? I don’t recall seeing them any other year, course that doesn’t mean much.

Me: The bloom period is really short, esp. right now with the buds. Guess sort of like Trout lily, must be those “fish” plants. It’s right across the bridge on the right. If you were to go down to the creek on our side of the bridge, but across it, you’d go right under it. It’s blooming right now. It’s called Shad bush, but this one looks more tree-like. I do believe that this is the tree from which Nuttah’s pink buds came. Once the flower opens, they are actually very white-looking, but intensely pink as buds. The berries are known as Service Berries.

Here is some info I found tonight on a website that seems the most relevant (and short):

Shadbush roots and bark were sometimes used as medicinal herbs in a number of tribes, and among the Iroquois and Lenape, shadbush blossoms were seen as the sign that the right time had come to plant corn.

Perhaps it was a sign to get busy with the garden. Awfully early for planting here on April 10, but maybe corn is hardier. We are definitely not ready yet, this early.

The Buds and Blossoms of the Shadbush Tree


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