The “Evil One” makes an appearance outside of a dream

So far, the one I refer to as “The Evil One” has only made his appearance in Bob’s dreams. But on April 11, while I was at work, I started getting some texts from Bob:

The first one was this:
“Guess who I saw tonight, I think anyway?”
Me: “Who!?”
Bob: My nemesis, I think
Me: Where?
Bob: Ghetto, right around the corner from work.
Me: Are you sure it was him?
Bob: Definitely. Very Maya look
Me: What did he do?

Bob: He made the motion of firing a rifle at me and smiled. Nice, friendly guy. Fuckin asshole.
Me: Is he an inter-dimensional being?
Bob: I don’t think so, I think he is here. Real asshole.
Me: Does he look out of place there?
Bob: He is distinct looking but not out of place in a city. I think I have seen him before. I am looking now.

Then on April 17, Bob again texted that he’d seen his “friend”:
“Met my friend again tonight.”

Bob refers to this character as “his friend”, his “buddy”, and I refer to him as “the evil one”. He is inherently evil. Where Nuttah represents the good, even though her message was sometimes urgent and disturbing, this one is the opposite, totally embodying the bad, the evil side. This occurrence on the city streets around Bob’s work is the first time that “the evil one” appeared outside of one of Bob’s dreams. But the “dream” had been so real to him, so vivid, so clear, down to minute details, that it was almost as if it was real. Bob knew who he was immediately, “the evil one” did not even have to do the fake rifle-firing move for Bob to recognize him from the dream. But what IS this new twist?? A wrinkle in the time fabric? Is he inter-dimensional? Bob sure seemed to think he was just like any other character on the streets of the ghetto, not looking particularly out of place, mainly due to where they are. You accept a certain degree of bizarreness that would be completely out of place further out from the city. What is it? Is Bob in danger? It would certainly seem so with all the warnings that were imparted through various dreams. But why? There is part of me that thinks once a portal is opened, as in the portal connection that Nuttah visits through, that maybe “other” entities can then begin to take advantage of the same passageway. Is this what is at work here? We do not know.


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