Bob has a visit with Duke-Tëme

There were a couple of things that happened the weekend of April 14-15 that never got logged into the journal. I did take pictures, but because it was a weekend, we never wrote back and forth about it, only spoke about the happenings. But I do have photos that documented the events, the first of which was when I came up to the bedroom sometime Sunday, I found Nuttah’s character sitting on my side of the bed next to a vase of spring flowers. From the looks of it, we have some bleeding hearts, violets, and what looks like the shadbush buds in bloom. There is also the small, silver heart-charm on the bed in front of Nuttah. The picture of this is to the right.

The same weekend, I photographed this arrangement on Bob’s side of the bed: Duke-Tëme and a heart were arranged on Bob’s clock radio to look at him. This was to be a prelude to Bob later having a “dream” about them:

Then on April 18, 2012, Bob wrote me this email:
I had an interesting dream last night. Your Mom (in her Lenape guise), Nuttah, DUKEY-Tëme!! were all imploring me to be more like I was, more like the father of Nuttah. Duke-Tëme came and sat beside me, it felt so good to feel his head against me, I can’t tell you.

Nuttah said “he will be with you”, then she made some sort of motion with her hands, like an incantation, followed by your Mom doing the same thing, sort of like a circle and acknowledging the cardinal points.

Then your Mom said “Your woman will need you, be aware.”

I said to them “I am not afraid, my nemesis should be“. Nuttah smiled and just said “Father”.

Your Mom looked satisfied, said “Care for them, stay well”.

I can still hear them talking, really strange, I hear it in Lenape, but can immediately translate. This all happened in a few minutes standing in the woods by the creek in a BRILLIANT moonlight. Nothing like what we will ever see.

Duke-Tëme, my Mother and Nuttah are moved to MY bedside table.

Me to Bob: When I came up last night (the first time was shortly before 11), I was curious to find Duke-Tëme  on MY side of the bed. So Nuttah, my Mom and the Tëme were all in your dream and are on my bedside table? I was wondering about that. Glad you were able to have a “visit” with them. I don’t really see any other changes. I thought maybe you had done it because the fan was blowing things, but guess not. Interesting dream otherwise. Since I haven’t had any dreams despite my pleas for what’s going on, I’ve switched it to something specific. I’ve asked to be shown the artifact in a dream. Persistence may be the key.

I noticed, looking at this picture later, that Bob’s special stone is also in the picture. This stone almost always only pertains to Bob, and I think it is a rare event that it is used in one of my arrangements, so I am not really sure how to interpret this. In front, there is also a series of hearts pointing at the whole group.


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