Another Interdimensional Being?

On April 19, 2012, I received this email excerpt from Bob:

Almost forgot to mention, saw my jackwagon buddy [at intersection near the plant] this morning.

This is Bob’s first reference to him as the “Jackwagon-buddy”.

I responded with this: Is this the first time you have seen the jackwagon in the morning? Isn’t that only a couple blocks away? Was there any interaction?

Apparently there was not, as Bob did not respond to tell me one way or the other. Then a few days later on the 24th, I get this text:

“My buddy was outside the gate when I was closing it leaving.” This was not good, as it meant the Evil one was tracking him, almost taunting him, knew where he would be during certain times of the day, and literally seemed to be laying in wait for him. To do what? I worried about Bob all the time. He seemed concerned, but not overly concerned. I knew it would be really difficult, if not impossible for Bob to heed the warning: “You should not be alone. He will find you.”

Then on April 24th, I got this odd text from Bob after he’d been to the chiropractor. (For that shoulder problem from January that never got solved by medical doctors).

“Just had an interesting chiro appt. call if you can”

I called as soon as I could (since I was at work), as I was very curious what might have happened, especially since that episode from awhile back that occurred during a different physical therapy session. The one where we thought some inter-dimensional being had followed Bob to his appointment, or at least appeared there, and there was no explanation for who “she” was, even by the office staff.

What happened here though, on this day, was something different, yet again. Bob said that the chiropractor was working on him  (this could have been maybe the 3rd or 4th appointment). This chiropractic therapy was having a good result for Bob, finally, after months of no relief. And I don’t remember exactly how this was said, or how it came up, but the doctor said something to Bob that he was picking up on:  “When I work on you,  I feel your spirit, which is one, but then I also feel the spirit of another.”

There was barely any response from Bob, as he had no idea where the doctor was going with this, or what had made him bring it up. He felt too awkward to even respond.

“I feel the spirit of two, not just you, but as if you have some ‘protection’. But I’m not sure that it is human, it feels like it might be animal”, the doctor continued.

Bob, not knowing quite how to respond, simply grunted a “huh”, and let it go at that.

But then the man said, “I sometimes work with a woman who is a Native American Shaman. I’d like you to meet her. I feel something with you that I’ve not picked up before.”

Bob didn’t say yea or nay to this, merely wrapped up the appointment and let it go. But he did text me to tell me about it. Fascinating, I thought, what could it be? Well, at least maybe I could worry slightly less about Bob and his jack-wagon buddy if he had some kind of hidden protection. Or at least hidden from the average Joe.

Then Bob went back to the chiropractor later that week. It’s important to know that Bob is a “walk-in” patient, this doctor does not require an appointment. If he can work you in, he allows walk-ins, so Bob would always just go on his way home, without making an appointment and he could be seen. This day, he was leaving after an unscheduled visit, and he was about to get in his car. A woman was coming toward him from the direction of the chiropractor’s office with a sense of purpose, as if she knew him. She was calling something to him from quite a distance away.

“He’s right!”, she called out. “He’s right! There are two!”

“Two what?”, Bob wondered, as the woman got closer. She was dressed in a somewhat colorful outfit that Bob thought looked roughly “peasant” or South American, or possibly even present day Native American. Long skirt in a bright fabric, long, braided hair. She approached Bob like she knew him.

“Two spirits, and one is an animal!”, the woman exclaimed.

Bob didn’t quite know how to react to her, humors her with “Well, okay. Sorry, gotta go.”

I wish that he’d spent more time with her. I asked Bob to get her name. I wanted to talk to her. But Bob was afraid that if he ever went in to the chiropractor and asked about the Shaman, or what the doctor meant by what he said, that he would deny ever having said it, or deny there was any Shaman. Unfortunately, I think that could happen — maybe it was just something else “playing” through these people, or maybe the Shaman(woman) was another inter-dimensional being. Bob did have a couple more appointments; it never came up again, and after that, Bob was basically “cured”. He is much better now, no longer on any pain killers, and back to his usual level of functioning. However, we are left to wonder about this incident — what did they see/feel, if it really happened at all? That was Bob’s hesitance about bringing it up again, as I was encouraging him to talk to the Shaman(woman). He was afraid that the doctor would look at him like, “I never said that.” That’s the weird thing about all of this so far — you do have to be careful about what you divulge, if anything at all. I am sure that most people think that it is just plain crazy, and believe me, sometimes we think that too.


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