Is the “Evil One” an Interdimensional Being?

The characters all swapped over to Bob’s Bedside Table.

Then on April 25, I wrote this email to Bob: Did you have any activity last night, after we talked or during the night? You have characters lined up on your table, looking at you. Duke-Tëme, my Mom and Nuttah, all were moved to your bedside table. This happened before I got home.

There was no response or explanation from Bob about this change (remember, from 4/18, they’d been on MY side of the bed), so I just assumed that nothing went along with it. In other words, no communication from Nuttah.

On April 27th, while at work, I received this text from bob:
“I am leaving  now. Just talked to my buddy.” (4:45 pm)

Then, less than 1/2 hour later, Bob sent this text: “Just saw my buddy again [at an intersection on the way home] (5:39 pm)

I texted Bob “What was he doing?”

Bob: Standing at intersection. Smiled and waved.

This was the first indication that we had that the Evil one could be an inter-dimensional being. I will explain. Bob leaves the plant in his car and texts me about the first verbal interaction he has with “the Evil one”. Less than 1/2 hr. later, the same dude is standing on a corner as Bob drives through, again, watching him, leering at Bob. How did he get there? He wasn’t driving and he was out of a car. For this to happen, immediately upon Bob leaving the plant, the Evil One would have had to find some pretty fast transportation in rush-hour traffic to relocate himself to a more northern intersection and be casually standing on the corner when Bob does drive through. Certainly not entirely impossible, but not likely either. And why?? Why does he do it? I think just to harass, torment, let Bob know he can be wherever he wants to be and whenever he wants to be there. It is not Bob who can control it, it is the Evil One. And how does he look at this new intersection? Bob says not entirely out of place there either. Slightly odd, looking so native, but nothing that would raise that big a question. Can other people see him, I wonder? I could not remember when I wrote this up months later what the communication with Bob and him had actually been, and that is as important as finding out that the Evil One may come from the other dimension. So today, as I’m writing this up from so many months ago, I had to email Bob to find out what happened there. I was pretty sure that he would remember. So this morning, I wrote this:

“I was typing up last night the time your “buddy” and you first spoke. It was at the gate as you were leaving [the plant] and it was the same day that he appeared not much later further north. (I won’t mention in the post the actual street names). What did you say, and did he say something back? Also, at the 2nd spot, was there any acknowledgement from him?”

The response from Bob was this:
“I don’t remember actually. I think he said something casually threatening and I believe this was when I told him he couldn’t hurt me, but not sure. When he showed up further north, he nodded towards me as if to show me that maybe I was wrong about not being able to hurt me. Something like that anyway from what I remember.”

After this interaction, and also musing on it from the standpoint of a separation of time, I’m wondering if other sitings have been this being — maybe the woman at the physical therapist was just him in another guise. Maybe he can make himself look like anything, anyone, even innocent if he has to. And what is his mission, and why?? I am haunted repeatedly by the warnings:
“You should not be alone. He will find you.” And what do you do to stop that?


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