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May 31, 2012

Bob is Protected by a Wolf Spirit

For the next week, Bob would pull in every morning in the wee hours of darkness for his plant opening procedure. The Evil One could be seen lurking around the entry gates to the parking lot, but there was no more interaction until about a week after the “name” incident.
Bob wrote me this email early in the morning of Wednesday, May 30th:

Where Bob’s incident occurred, however it was in the dark, behind the fencing

“Had a new experience with my buddy, kind of freaked me out. To start, he wasn’t at the outside (street gate) when I pulled up. When I park, I have another gate to go through to get to the office door, then [there is] a roll up door before entering office, so it takes some time. It is fenced between office and plant door so you have some protection from the local talent. I was unlocking the locks on the roll up when he emerged from around the corner by the plant door. I thought for sure this was the showdown. I immediately decided it would be on my terms and started towards him. [He was] only 10 feet max away, probably less.

As I was about to engage him there was a loud, deep growl…just like an attacking wolf [but] it came from me, or around and through me. Before I knew what happened he was gone, vanished into thin air. VERY STRANGE. It took a minute or two for me to compose myself and continue with my mundane opening procedures. I was soaked with sweat in an instant. Pretty intense.

Then, the email continued with this:
On another note I had a “dream” with Nuttah, she was showing me this field of what I guess we call weeds, but they had these clusters of tiny flowers, real tiny flowers on them, it was dark and she was showing me by firelight (torch) so maybe they open, either way I have no idea about why she was showing them to me. That was it, she seemed to think they were important to you, but I don’t know why I was shown them and why she just didn’t give you some instead, but then you wouldn’t know they were important. I don’t know how to describe them except they were in clusters with several stalks of clusters in a group, seemed tiny and probably white, but not even sure of that.
Things are not what they appear to be, much more complex. Have to get back to work, hope you slept well, it b humid as hell down here.

I responded this to Bob:
Damn. That is intense, that experience. So he vanished, he’s part of the inter-dimension?? So you are protected by a wolf all the time? You walk with it maybe, it’s with you, it surrounds you. Thank God. He was scared off. Hopefully he will not come back. Talk to the woman upstairs, see what she is dreaming. By the way, if you had taken him on, what would you have used as a weapon? Just bare hands?

Those flowers you describe, there was a stalk of one of them on my keyboard last night, so she did bring me one. I know I have also seen them before, but I’ve seen them here, she brought one last year too. I’ll see if I was able to ID it. Last night I put it in water. I just checked old blog entries, and I have been given this flower before, but it appears I was never able to ID it. Maybe I should make more of an effort, given they have some importance. Maybe they only grow there. I’ll see how it fared overnight, I put the sprig in water. Hope you have no more encounters today — but remember what that sha(wo)man told you, she saw something – an animal around you. Be careful! Not that you have any control over it, but hopefully you have this protection all the time.

It’s Go Time
from the site:

Was this episode with the Evil One an instance of Shape Shifting on the part of Bob?? Did Bob literally assume the shape or demeanor of a wolf and chase the Evil away? Whatever he did, he did scare him off. It was not Bob that retreated, it was the Evil One. The vanishing “Poof” act makes it certain that this character is an inter-dimensional being. He just disappeared. Hopefully, there is some permanence to that, but we both have some doubts.

As far as the flowers Bob was shown, I believe this must have been “Indian Hemp”. Something that is used by the Lenape for fiber. I regret that I never did take a photo of the flower Nuttah left me that day in May. I don’t know why I didn’t and I think that is a first. But that just indicates how overwhelmed I was with being so busy with everything that’s going on; spring and summer being busy, demanding seasons for us with so much to do. I confess, I am writing this now in October; as I have kept saying, I am very far behind. But we both look forward to the quiet months of the winter, when everything outside sleeps. Bob and I are both ready for winter, and the slowness (not to mention coolness) that comes with it. Hopefully things will calm down.

My thanks to the blog: “Incredible Vanishing Paperweight“, for the use of the shape-shifter wolf picture. It captured for me, what I thought the “Evil One” might be seeing or perceiving as Bob lunged for him, certain that it was he that was going to take the Evil One down on Bob’s terms.

May 25, 2012

The Evil One has a Name

On the morning of May 24, 2012, Bob wrote me this email:
“Spoke to my buddy this morning, got his name. I know it, I have heard it in the long past. I wrote it down as best I could, I know I have heard it, just have to remember where and go from there. I’ll send my rendering when I get time to go to the car and get it. It is definitely Maya. He is very classic Maya in his look.”

Bob jots down the name he heard on a piece of scrap paper

Later in the morning, Bob adds this:
“I know I know this name/names. It is Maya God names, from the bolontiku (9 gods), I think, Camasotz Ah Pukh, I remember the spelling as I write them, I think I spent a lot of time reading and researching the bolonbtiku and the oxlahuntiku (13 gods). Odd that he would have that name/names. I think sotz/zotz means bat, funny how much you can remember when it is triggered. I think I know what the rest means, but not certain. Back to the sweatshop.

I asked Bob, “Well HOW did you get his name? Did you just stop and ask? If you have time, see if you can find anything in one of your books tonight, more on the meaning. That is so weird. But he’s an interdimensional being, right? How did he act when you spoke to him, or if you spoke to him?”

Bob writes back:
“I had to get out of car because opener wasn’t working properly. He was standing there looking all sleazy and evil. I said ‘Good Morning’ and asked him his name. He said it in k’iche Maya dialect, I recognized that. He said something else too, in k’iche, but I am having difficulty remembering.

I looked up the name “Camazotz” on the internet:

“In Maya mythology, Camazotz (alternate spellings Cama-Zotz, Sotz, Zotz) was a bat god. Camazotz means “death bat” in the K’iche’ language. In Mesoamerica the bat was associated with night, death, and sacrifice.[1]” “Camazotz is formed from the K’iche’ words kame, meaning “death”, and sotz’, meaning “bat”.[2].” “In the Popol Vuh, Camazotz are the bat-like monsters encountered by the Maya Hero Twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque during their trials in the underworld of Xibalba.

Why does he have THIS name? What is the significance? Why did he tell Bob? If it’s an inter-dimensional being, which I believe him to be, is he just using this name to project his pure Evilness to Bob? Because he knows that Bob will understand it, and know what it implies? Or, is he this God? Impossible to know. He can take many guises, it would seem.

It does need to be added here that Bob has a long history with studies of the Maya, going back to before college. He has a huge book collection, I’m guessing most of which are out of print, of rare Maya books. This is how he knows what the Evil one meant when he said “his” name. And I do think that this Evil one knows he would know what it meant. But now what? What does it all mean? How does it tie in, if at all, with Nuttah? Or is it just some evil thing taking advantage of the opened portal? Can he follow Bob home? I have lots of questions. I am not comfortable. This is scary. Makes you just want to look around every corner, and I worry about Bob going into work every day and messing with the entry gates, and encountering this truly evil creature.

May 23, 2012

Nuttah Welcomes Me Back

A close-up of Peas on the left, Beans on the right

In mid May, I accompanied my father on a short trip to another state for a nephew’s graduation from college. Dad is getting up there in years now, and does not like to travel far alone. I was gone with him for 5 days. While I was gone, Bob continued working on the gardens we had started for the second year in a row now. We were getting a late start. However, we were not so concerned because the growing season goes right up to October, if not later.

While I was gone, the only report I had of Nuttah’s presence was this email from Bob:

5/19: BTW Nuttah visited very early this morning. We all miss An’na.

Did she sit on my chair waiting for me the entire time I was gone?

I missed them too. It was difficult for Nuttah (and all her tribe) to understand me leaving without Bob. It was a difficult separation for us too, even though it was so brief, exacerbated by the all-out bizarreness of what had been going on for the past couple of months. I worried about Bob every day.

I returned Sunday, May 20th, and Monday morning, I wrote this email to Bob:

“I came down to my office last night and looked around for Nuttah, couldn’t find her on the desk anywhere, and I knew she’d been here when I left, started to get concerned or thought maybe I missed her upstairs. Then I went to sit down, and there she was on my office chair. (see picture to the left) Probably sat there the whole time I was gone. Anyway, I am very happy to be back, and I missed you too.”

Then, a couple of days later, on May 23, Bob wrote me this email:

I don’t know whether you heard the drums last night, but I surely did, loud and clear. Nuttah is in some sort of ritual cleansing, several days long. I was shown this by the old joints for a couple reasons, most importantly, to them anyway, my “protection” will be diminished during this period and several other periods going ahead. It has to do with her pregnancy and position (shaman) in the tribe. In so many words I expressed the immortal words of David Hasselhof: “I”ll be fine”. The drumming went on all night. Nuttah was in a small hut with an elderly woman performing the ritual.

Me: No, didn’t hear any drums last night, I did not wake up until after you left though. Had a weird dream about a bunch of rednecks taking over our house. Did you GO there to witness the ritual, or were you shown from here? Have you seen that guy (Evil one) around of late? I haven’t heard about him in awhile. Maybe something about this ritual is available online. I’ll try to find out.
So happy to be back.

Bob responded, “I was shown the ritual, didn’t go thankfully. I see my buddy at least once a day, sometimes twice.

I then asked, “Where does he usually appear?”

And Bob answered, “Always at the gate when I open in the morning and occasionally [one street away] by the train tracks, no lights or houses there. It is funny, when I have my crew with me he always shivers and says ‘oh, scared’ when we go by him or stop at gate.”

I was concerned about the statement: “My protection will be diminished during this period”. What a perfect time for that to happen, when Bob is facing a character that “wants to kill him in all his lives”. We have felt all along as if he has been the recipient of some special kind of protection, there have been so many incidents to substantiate this. It would be frightening to think that he might lose that.

May 16, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day

A bouquet of flowers in front of Nuttah on my computer keyboard for Mother’s Day

I don’t have any notes about what happened this day, but I have a date on the picture that I took and it happened to be Mother’s Day! So I’m treating this as a very sweet Mother’s Day bouquet of flowers from Nuttah; simply one of my favorites, the early spring violet. After a week of Bob’s sightings of “Evil” it was nice to get something good.

Note about timing: I am still catching up, writing this on Sept. 25, 2012 about happenings in May.

May 15, 2012

The “Evil One”: Multiple Appearances in the Dark

After we learned about Nuttah’s pregnancy on May 1, the next “activity” seemed to only concern the “Evil One”.

First, there was this on May 3 from Bob:
I had a first, this morning, ‘my buddy’ was waiting at the gate, never had that in the morning, kind of “creepy”, as Rue would say. If he was to do anything rude, that would have been the time to do it, dark, me waiting for gate to open, still having several other locks and gates to go through when I get out of car, he just smiled and turned and walked away. I am not sure of this, but it was raining and he didn’t appear to be getting wet, very strange, but I could be wrong.

Me: That IS creepy, “your buddy” at the gate at that hour. Is anyone else around then? What are your options there besides what you did? That is just beyond creepy, I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all. I’m beginning to think though that he’s from another dimension. The appearance [the other day when he appeared further north] is just too weird, and you were probably right that he wasn’t wet. You may also have a clue with your electromagnetic problem with computers. Maybe there is something there. Be interesting if it’s a force field that could be measured. A vibration IS being picked up.

Bob: Not many options for me in the morning, I am first one here, I open everything. I have protection I believe, plus a cat.

Let’s hope that Bob is right about that protection.

Then, the next night, May 4, Bob wrote me this: Slept pretty much all through the night, when I did wake I heard distinct drums and rattles. No idea why you hear them and why you don’t, although sound manipulation must play some part in this whole odd thing. I suppose Nuttah is going to be a bit out of touch now and for the foreseeable future, being pregnant. Maybe not, who knows, it might increase the activity.

Bob then added, “The woman upstairs said she saw “him” in a dream, he was very angry about something, she didn’t know about what, it scared her. She put her husband on the phone to explain it to me. I had nothing, no dream, no meeting.”

Nothing to corroborate what the woman had seen.

I was curious though, I wrote Bob this: What did the husband of woman upstairs say about the dream? Anything more than what you mentioned?

Apparently, there was not, because Bob did not elaborate on it.

Then on May 8, this email:  Forgot to mention, my buddy was out front this morning when my crew and I pulled up. I didn’t say anything to Thom, (his crew), but Thom started to shiver and said, “I don’t know why, but I scared”. He didn’t see the joint, but apparently felt something.

Me: Why do you think Thom didn’t see the man? Should he have seen him? Or was he hiding somewhere in the dark? If he SHOULD have seen him, but didn’t, maybe no one else can see him? What was your awful dream, was it about this guy?

Bob: Thom should have seen the joint. But these guys are not always too keen in their observations.

And then on May 15, Bob texted: Saw my buddy in two places this morning on the way in.

Me: Where did you see him this time, and was it physically feasible for him (in normal circumstances anyway) to be in the 2 spots you saw him? What was he doing? Any interaction?

We are still trying to determine if this “Evil one” is from another dimension. Okay, I really do know how odd that sounds, but I’ve accepted the reality of these other dimensions, given the presence of Nuttah, basically, as a member of our family, of our lives. We would dearly miss her if she disappeared, if something happened to her, or if somehow the activity (that has been going on for nearly 3 years) came to a stop.

The evidence of the “Evil One” being from another dimension is pretty substantial. There were 2 incidents where he seemed to more or less “blip” from one spot to the next that defied physical reality, at least the way WE know it. Then there was him appearing to not get wet in a heavy rain. And then the fact that Thom, Bob’s “crew”, feels his presence, but even when he is there, can’t see him, when you would think that he should see him. Without knowing if he is from our dimension, it is impossible to theorize about who he might be, what he might do? I believe I am more afraid of him than Bob is. Is he inured to things that might happen in this section of the city because he’s been doing it for 30 years? Is that dangerous, that he might just accept this as a matter of course, and not be on his guard? And what can he do if he didn’t feel that way? Still has to get to work. Can’t hire private security. The choices are fairly limited. And you might call the cops and there is nobody there, and you’re perceived as crazy. What is he, this evil one? Who is he? Why is he here, tormenting Bob?

May 2, 2012

News About Nuttah – A Papoose on the Way!

As we’ve heard about a couple of times, the Lao woman who works on the 2nd floor of the plant had been having some simultaneous and similar dreams to Bob’s, starting in early March. Bob would have one of these “real-life” dreams, go in to work and find out that she had also. By “real-life”, they felt to Bob as if it was really happening, often feeling like it was instead of taking the time-travel trip “there”; the dream was almost just as real. They were for the Lao woman as well, unlike anything she’d had before. But not only was there a severe language barrier between her and Bob (Laotian vs. English, and she speaks NO English) there were cultural differences, and the fact that Bob is the boss, and she an employee. Up til now, as I think Bob mentioned in a prior post, he’d had maybe 10 words with her since she’d worked there. All of a sudden it was critical that she get the information to Bob from the dreams; she saw it as her duty to warn him, barriers or not.  And so far, it always had been a warning, usually having to do with the “Evil One”. There always has to be an intermediary to interpret, usually his “crew” (a single person) who speaks both languages. But then on the morning of May 1st, I got an email from Bob, that, among other things, contained this one line:

A Woodland Indian Papoose, from the website:

“Had a dream last night, was told about it by the woman upstairs too, she had same dream. Guess who is pregnant.”

Of course he means Nuttah! So my email back to Bob:

“Well, that is exciting! … so how far along is she? I was wondering if that was going to happen soon. Was there anything else in the dream?

(Remember, Nuttah was married in a ceremony last August)

Then Bob adds in a later email that the Lao woman with the dreams is ALSO pregnant, and goes on to say,

“I believe, curiously enough, she is almost the same as the woman upstairs.”

And so I ask: “And so how far along are she and the Lao woman upstairs? That is curious. Maybe there is another reason the woman upstairs is there.”

Bob says, “I think, and this is just a guess, about 2 months, roughly.”

Two months pregnant. Both Nuttah and the Lao woman are expecting at the same time. Perhaps another reason Nuttah chose this woman to be her cohort in transmitting information, she felt a kinship with her, not just cultural. That means they are both due in early December. Not so far away now, as I’m writing this up in mid-September, being about 5 months behind. I’m also wondering why this message was conveyed in such a seemingly casual way, you would think that with something of this import, Bob might have been brought there for a ceremony about it — or at least more of a dream than “Guess who is pregnant”. Maybe that is all he remembered of it.

The cover of the book I’m reading: Sacajewea

Then this from Bob on 5/2: BTW, I heard drums and rattles quite loudly last. Night when I was awake on 2 occasions.

Me: I did not hear anything last night, not even a hum/buzz, what time was it that you were hearing that? I slept only waking up once though.

We didn’t know if the drums and rattles had something to do with the news. I’d also just like to mention that I’m calling Nuttah’s coming baby a “papoose” because of a book I am reading at the moment. It is called Sacajewea, about the Indian (Shoshoni) girl that accompanied the Lewis & Clark expedition. Fascinating and highly recommended reading, by the way, loaned to me by Rue. In the book, a baby (in all the tribes encountered) is referred to as a “papoose”. Sacajewea’s baby was nicknamed Pomp.