News About Nuttah – A Papoose on the Way!

As we’ve heard about a couple of times, the Lao woman who works on the 2nd floor of the plant had been having some simultaneous and similar dreams to Bob’s, starting in early March. Bob would have one of these “real-life” dreams, go in to work and find out that she had also. By “real-life”, they felt to Bob as if it was really happening, often feeling like it was instead of taking the time-travel trip “there”; the dream was almost just as real. They were for the Lao woman as well, unlike anything she’d had before. But not only was there a severe language barrier between her and Bob (Laotian vs. English, and she speaks NO English) there were cultural differences, and the fact that Bob is the boss, and she an employee. Up til now, as I think Bob mentioned in a prior post, he’d had maybe 10 words with her since she’d worked there. All of a sudden it was critical that she get the information to Bob from the dreams; she saw it as her duty to warn him, barriers or not.  And so far, it always had been a warning, usually having to do with the “Evil One”. There always has to be an intermediary to interpret, usually his “crew” (a single person) who speaks both languages. But then on the morning of May 1st, I got an email from Bob, that, among other things, contained this one line:

A Woodland Indian Papoose, from the website:

“Had a dream last night, was told about it by the woman upstairs too, she had same dream. Guess who is pregnant.”

Of course he means Nuttah! So my email back to Bob:

“Well, that is exciting! … so how far along is she? I was wondering if that was going to happen soon. Was there anything else in the dream?

(Remember, Nuttah was married in a ceremony last August)

Then Bob adds in a later email that the Lao woman with the dreams is ALSO pregnant, and goes on to say,

“I believe, curiously enough, she is almost the same as the woman upstairs.”

And so I ask: “And so how far along are she and the Lao woman upstairs? That is curious. Maybe there is another reason the woman upstairs is there.”

Bob says, “I think, and this is just a guess, about 2 months, roughly.”

Two months pregnant. Both Nuttah and the Lao woman are expecting at the same time. Perhaps another reason Nuttah chose this woman to be her cohort in transmitting information, she felt a kinship with her, not just cultural. That means they are both due in early December. Not so far away now, as I’m writing this up in mid-September, being about 5 months behind. I’m also wondering why this message was conveyed in such a seemingly casual way, you would think that with something of this import, Bob might have been brought there for a ceremony about it — or at least more of a dream than “Guess who is pregnant”. Maybe that is all he remembered of it.

The cover of the book I’m reading: Sacajewea

Then this from Bob on 5/2: BTW, I heard drums and rattles quite loudly last. Night when I was awake on 2 occasions.

Me: I did not hear anything last night, not even a hum/buzz, what time was it that you were hearing that? I slept only waking up once though.

We didn’t know if the drums and rattles had something to do with the news. I’d also just like to mention that I’m calling Nuttah’s coming baby a “papoose” because of a book I am reading at the moment. It is called Sacajewea, about the Indian (Shoshoni) girl that accompanied the Lewis & Clark expedition. Fascinating and highly recommended reading, by the way, loaned to me by Rue. In the book, a baby (in all the tribes encountered) is referred to as a “papoose”. Sacajewea’s baby was nicknamed Pomp.


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