The “Evil One”: Multiple Appearances in the Dark

After we learned about Nuttah’s pregnancy on May 1, the next “activity” seemed to only concern the “Evil One”.

First, there was this on May 3 from Bob:
I had a first, this morning, ‘my buddy’ was waiting at the gate, never had that in the morning, kind of “creepy”, as Rue would say. If he was to do anything rude, that would have been the time to do it, dark, me waiting for gate to open, still having several other locks and gates to go through when I get out of car, he just smiled and turned and walked away. I am not sure of this, but it was raining and he didn’t appear to be getting wet, very strange, but I could be wrong.

Me: That IS creepy, “your buddy” at the gate at that hour. Is anyone else around then? What are your options there besides what you did? That is just beyond creepy, I don’t like it, I don’t like it at all. I’m beginning to think though that he’s from another dimension. The appearance [the other day when he appeared further north] is just too weird, and you were probably right that he wasn’t wet. You may also have a clue with your electromagnetic problem with computers. Maybe there is something there. Be interesting if it’s a force field that could be measured. A vibration IS being picked up.

Bob: Not many options for me in the morning, I am first one here, I open everything. I have protection I believe, plus a cat.

Let’s hope that Bob is right about that protection.

Then, the next night, May 4, Bob wrote me this: Slept pretty much all through the night, when I did wake I heard distinct drums and rattles. No idea why you hear them and why you don’t, although sound manipulation must play some part in this whole odd thing. I suppose Nuttah is going to be a bit out of touch now and for the foreseeable future, being pregnant. Maybe not, who knows, it might increase the activity.

Bob then added, “The woman upstairs said she saw “him” in a dream, he was very angry about something, she didn’t know about what, it scared her. She put her husband on the phone to explain it to me. I had nothing, no dream, no meeting.”

Nothing to corroborate what the woman had seen.

I was curious though, I wrote Bob this: What did the husband of woman upstairs say about the dream? Anything more than what you mentioned?

Apparently, there was not, because Bob did not elaborate on it.

Then on May 8, this email:  Forgot to mention, my buddy was out front this morning when my crew and I pulled up. I didn’t say anything to Thom, (his crew), but Thom started to shiver and said, “I don’t know why, but I scared”. He didn’t see the joint, but apparently felt something.

Me: Why do you think Thom didn’t see the man? Should he have seen him? Or was he hiding somewhere in the dark? If he SHOULD have seen him, but didn’t, maybe no one else can see him? What was your awful dream, was it about this guy?

Bob: Thom should have seen the joint. But these guys are not always too keen in their observations.

And then on May 15, Bob texted: Saw my buddy in two places this morning on the way in.

Me: Where did you see him this time, and was it physically feasible for him (in normal circumstances anyway) to be in the 2 spots you saw him? What was he doing? Any interaction?

We are still trying to determine if this “Evil one” is from another dimension. Okay, I really do know how odd that sounds, but I’ve accepted the reality of these other dimensions, given the presence of Nuttah, basically, as a member of our family, of our lives. We would dearly miss her if she disappeared, if something happened to her, or if somehow the activity (that has been going on for nearly 3 years) came to a stop.

The evidence of the “Evil One” being from another dimension is pretty substantial. There were 2 incidents where he seemed to more or less “blip” from one spot to the next that defied physical reality, at least the way WE know it. Then there was him appearing to not get wet in a heavy rain. And then the fact that Thom, Bob’s “crew”, feels his presence, but even when he is there, can’t see him, when you would think that he should see him. Without knowing if he is from our dimension, it is impossible to theorize about who he might be, what he might do? I believe I am more afraid of him than Bob is. Is he inured to things that might happen in this section of the city because he’s been doing it for 30 years? Is that dangerous, that he might just accept this as a matter of course, and not be on his guard? And what can he do if he didn’t feel that way? Still has to get to work. Can’t hire private security. The choices are fairly limited. And you might call the cops and there is nobody there, and you’re perceived as crazy. What is he, this evil one? Who is he? Why is he here, tormenting Bob?


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